Learn about the structure of the car exhaust

Learn about the structure of the car exhaust

The structure of the car exhaust consists of many parts that take on different roles, the most important of which is the automobile muffler.

But we all know, according to the principle of the car engine, when a car works, it will generate emissions. These exhaust gases will be pushed out to the outside environment through an exhaust system called an exhaust or exhaust pipe. Older vehicles often have ineffective ventilation systems, which often lead to related problems. However, nowadays, due to the high scientific and technical level, the system is escaped car emissions increasingly improved. This helps the automakers to minimize exhaust emissions and control some of the noise generated by the exhaust pipes of cars.

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Car exhaust flow diagram

The current structure of automobile exhaust pipes often has a circular cross-section design and consists of many segments. Part car exhaust exhaust will be stretched from the engine to the rear end. This will navigate the desired exhaust gas and control the exhaust pressure. In addition, a single or double tube system will depend on the engine design and the style that the manufacturer wants.

A vehicle tube system will include 5 main parts including: cylinder head, gas collector, turbocharger, exhaust gas processor and car silencer. All of these components are intended to minimize the amount of toxic gas present in the exhaust gas as well as noise.

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Cylinder head

In the structure of the car’s exhaust, the cylinder head is the first exhaust receiver. This is a part that controls the amount of air passing through and controls the intake / exhaust process through the camshaft.

In addition, the cylinder head is also a place to fix the system structure. In the whole system, the rear parts will be connected by neoprene pillow, only this part is connected by completely hard metal.

Cylinder head in square frame

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Exhaust gas collector

Next, the exhaust gas collector will help all exhaust gases on multiple cylinders be collected into a single pipe. This is similar to a funnel used to control emissions, it will have many separate pipes connecting together and pushing out a single tube. Such a structure will help to ensure that the exhaust pressure from the pipes is stable. Cast iron, stainless steel or cast aluminum will often be the raw materials to collect exhaust in popular cars because of the low cost. However, the efficiency is not high because the surface is not too smooth, so the loss of kinetic energy and the volume is quite heavy.

Exhaust gas collector

Therefore, the 3rd manufacturers have ways to overcome the problem for consumers. By replacing commutator types with Titannium material, your car will have better performance and a significant reduction in overall vehicle weight. In addition, this exhaust system will usually be sold with a radiator to help your car improve the best.


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Turbocharger set

It is a device that takes advantage of heavy exhaust gas to rotate the fan to absorb clean air in more power. This detail may not be included structure of car exhaust, depending on the design and general structure of the entire vehicle engine. However, if this is present, the exhaust pressure will be greatly reduced, so that the muffler can then reduce the pressure.

Turbocharger set

Exhaust gas treatment

In older models, this detail will not be available. However, for today’s models, this is a must. This part is composed of catalysts and a material such as gold, platinum, … When the exhaust gas is in here, it will be reacted with the absorbers in the part and converted to safe substances. more like water and CO2

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In order to meet the noise regulations of the countries and avoid the noise from the exhaust gas is too large, set muffler was born. Looking at the name, surely anyone can guess that this is the detail used to minimize the sound emitted by the car engine. Damper works based on one principle, that when the gas pressure is high, the high gas velocity causes loud noise.


Then, this will be a silencer that will lower the exhaust gas velocity and the noise will decrease accordingly. The structure of the muffler is very simple, just zig zag compartments to take the gas long distances and slow down the gas speed and finally when it exits the exhaust, the exhaust will not make any noise. .

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As we can see, after many years of development, the car exhaust system has many improvements to match the current trend. In addition, the manufacturers are also aiming for an exhaust system with the highest design and efficiency. However, no matter how much, if the car user doesn’t car exhaust maintenance and cleaning Often, this system will easily malfunction, affecting the overall operation of the vehicle.

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