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Learn about G Shock watches for Casio devotees

Over the past 30 years, G-Shock watches are constantly improving, giving lovers of watches an impressive and unique product line. More than just a timekeeping device, G-shock is ingrained in the minds of generations of users around the world because of its classy design, superior features and enduring quality for users to always take care of themselves. personality confirmation news.

In the following article, we will summarize some outstanding G-shock watches. Stay tuned to see the growth of a brand of ten thousand watch enthusiasts!

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  • Why are G-shock watches popular?
  • Learn about the G-shock lineup of watches summarized through the years of launch
  • Where to buy genuine G-shock watches reliable quality?
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Why are G-shock watches popular?

About design: The creators of Casio always know how to make their “pet” unique and charismatic. From the combination of colors, materials to designs, G-shock watches always have high aesthetics that no fan of watches can refuse.

Regarding durability – water resistance: Referring to the G-shock is that people immediately think of the watches with durability and super “waterproof”. From premium casing and case materials, this watch has an exceptional durability that goes with the years. You can freely use your watch to participate in daily activities without worrying about scratches or breakages. Water resistance is also a proud element of G-shock. There are watches with a water resistance of up to 200 meters that help the wearer be comfortable in everyday activities even for swimming or diving.

About price: With an average price, G-shock watches are not too picky to wear, so no matter who you are, whatever you do, it is easy to own a G-shock watch.

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About feature: G-shock is constantly innovating to bring to the consumers smart watches with the most outstanding capabilities. Not merely watching the time and date. G-shock watch points to more attractive points such as: Atomic clock synchronization, LED backlight, daily alarm, 3 Triple 10 sensor, altimeter, compatible with smartphones, press hours…

Learn about the G-shock lineup of watches summarized through the years of launch

Year of birth G-Shock watch line name Outstanding characteristics
1983 Introducing the original DW-5000C series As the first G-Shock and also Casio’s first anti-shock design.
1985 G-Shock DW-5500C series Additional features against dust, rust.
1987 Released the G-G-Shock DW-5600C series The first best-selling design of the square face line.
1987 Released the G-Shock DW-5700 series Design the first round face
1989 Introduce the AW-500 design The first G-Shock series to display a digital-alloy combination and still maintain shock resistance.
1990 Introducing the DW-6000GJ series The new round face design made the first hit in Japan.
1990 Released the DW-6100 series

The first series is equipped with sensors and also the first is equipped with a temperature sensor.

1992 FROGMAN series is DW-6300 They are water-resistant to ISO 200m standards, and feature a unique convex sphere design optimized for divers.
1994 Introducing the G-Shock DW-6600 series The first series features ElectroLuminescence (EL) backlight.
1995 Released the DW-6900 series This is a multifunctional universal stream
1995 Launch of the new FROGMAN series, the DW-8200 It is also the first FROGMAN series to use titanium material that is resistant to saltwater corrosion.
1996 Introducing the G-Shock DW-5600E series Using reinforced plastic cover but keeping the design of DW-5600 (1987)
1996 Released the MRG-100 series G-Shock watches have a case made entirely of metal equipped with anti-shock structure.
1998 Announced the G-Shock DW-9300 series The first G-Shock design features Tough Solar light energy technology.
2000 Released the first Master of G series and also the first Wave Ceptor There is radio-controlled technology to receive accurate time signals
2002 Introducing the GW-300 The first series has two technologies: Solar-powered and radio-controlled.
2005 Released GS-1000 The first G-Shock series to feature a 5-movement chronograph movement that provided a multifunction
2007 The first MUDMAN series G-9000 was introduced This is a dust and mud watch, the watch’s stopwatch function is specially designed for motor racing.
2007 Birth of the first GULFMAN line G-9100 In addition to the fishing features, it is also equipped with anti-rust features thanks to all metal parts exposed to the outside air, from screws, bottom covers, wire locks, latches, button shafts. Made of titanium for optimal anti-rust.
2008 The first RISEMAN series G-9200 was born They indicate the time of sunrise / sunset, equipped with two sensors for measuring air pressure (altitude, weather forecast) and temperature.
2009 Introducing the G-Shock G-5600E series The square face design is inherited directly from the original G-SHOCK design, equipped with Tough Solar that not only uses sunlight but also light from fluorescent lights and other light sources to charge the battery.
2009 GW-7900 is born This is the first G-Shock to be equipped with both Tough Solar and Multi Band 6 Radio-controlled (receive radio signals with standard timing signals from 6 transmission stations around the world (2 in Japan and 1 in China, North). US, English, and German) and automatically update) properly.
2009 GW-2500 is born Fully Tough Solar, Multi Band 6 Radio-controlled, and also a tough watch that is sure to resist the force and gravity-induced shocks.
2010 “Myth” G-Shock universal universal anti-shock GA-100 is introduced This is currently one of the most popular designs of G-Shock
2010 The G-LIDE series was born with the first member, the GRX-5600 Optimized tidal graph function and moon data for more than 100 locations around the world to support surfers, many models have fancy decorative patterns.
2010 Introducing the DW-6900NB series All-in-one universal model with EL backlight and flash hour alarm, color LCD display, striking high-gloss case
2010 GLX-6900 was born and joined the G-LIDE family Optimizing the tide graph function and moon data for more than 100 locations around the world to support for surfers, models with striking colors created by G-Shock.
2010 Introducing the G-Shock GD-100 series Using high-brightness, large-sided LED backlight with a large LCD screen that can display many functions
2010 GA-110 is introduced As a large line of common cases, a combination of analogue hands and dials, equipped with a speed and stopwatch function, this is also another “legendary” G-Shock universal multifunctional anti-shock.
2010 G-1250 appears In addition to the GRAVITYMASTER series, the structure is resistant to centrifugal forces, ensuring correct operation even during strong falls.
2010 GW-3500 GRAVITYMASTER Radio controlled multi-band 6, built to withstand strong centrifugal force approaching 12G created when the aircraft flies at speeds of up to 370km / h, this is a pilot watch, combined Toughness with practical utility.
2011 Introduction of GD-200 series The first G-Shock series to use fiberglass-containing bands increases elasticity to be suitable for windsurfing, surfing and more
2011 Announcing the GDF-100 series Equipped with two sensors to measure pressure / altitude and set the temperature at 9 o’clock to remember the previous asymmetrical faces
2011 MUDMAN has a new member, the G-9300 series They have a new mud-blocking structure, the buttons are fitted with urethane cover, the first model is equipped with a directional and temperature sensor.
2011 FROGMAN has a new member GF-1000 The line is equipped with a screwed-down bottom cap to ensure higher water tightness.
2012 Complement to the new GRAVITYMASTER GW-4000 / G-1400 series Features strong, continuous anti-vibration properties that protect the machine from three forces: shock, vibration and gravity. They use a structure that has a gap between the outer shell and the device containing the material “alpha gel” to reduce vibration.
2012 Introducing the first intelligent G-Shock series GB-6900 They are capable of communicating with smartphones, connecting to any Bluetooth enabled smartphone. Connection with smartphones enables automatic time synchronization and displays incoming calls, emails, etc. on the display screen.
2012 GRAVITYMASTER adds new member GW-A1000 With TRIPLE G RESIST technology that protects against shock, vibration and gravity, there’s also SMART ACCESS to provide the system smooth, intuitive operation of various functions.
two thousand and thirteen GRAVITYMASTER continues to increase GA-1000 line There are dual sensors for measuring direction and temperature with memory function to remember the direction of travel. To ensure excellent visibility at night, it also features neon lighting with black light LEDs that produce different light colors.
two thousand and thirteen Introduction of GW-A1100 of GRAVITYMASTER series They have the “Triple G Resist” technology to combat 3 forces: acceleration, gravity, centrifugation and the “Smart Access” feature, providing intuitive operation of many functions. This is the first G-SHOCK to use carbon fiber as a needle. It also uses sapphire glass with a non-reflective anti-glare coating
two thousand and thirteen Introducing the G-Shock GD-X6900 series Present about 8% larger than DW-6900 and 70% larger button. “Alpha-Gel” material is placed behind the bezel to provide anti-vibration. It also comes with a 10-year battery and super bright LED light
two thousand and thirteen GW-9400, the first RANGEMAN series was born They are also the first G-SHOCK to feature up to three sensors. With the new Button Guard Cylinder structure that protects the button, the GW-9400 is designed for professionals working in harsh environments, and their timer function can be activated with just one button. press, add super bright LED backlight.
2014 Introducing the upgraded version of G-9100 GULFMAN: GWN-1000B As the first GULFMASTER series, this series has 3 sensors and the “Smart Access” feature. In addition to measuring atmospheric pressure, altitude, temperature, … it also adds tidal graph and moon to monitor the surrounding environment.
2014 Introducing the starting GPW-1000 models for the SKYCOCKPIT series The world’s first watch with a built-in “GPS HYBRID WAVE CEPTOR” technology that combines the Multiband 6 feature to receive any time calibration signal around the globe with a position and time receiver. GPS satellite time.
2014 The first G’MIX music watch line, the GBA-400, was born They have the ability to link with smartphones via low-power Bluetooth to provide simple music features and watch settings.
2015 The upgraded version of G-9300 (MUDMAN) is GWG-1000 – the first MUDMASTER line to be announced. They feature anti-dirt, sand and mud in the harshest environments, equipped with three triple sensors to indicate direction, temperature, altitude, … essential for “survival”, strong to use in forests, deserts
2015 MTG-G1000 is born This is the first MT-G series, they are equipped with Hybrid Radio-controlled Solar-powered GPS technology to run on light energy, GPS and radio time synchronization, heavy load when built by structure. Core Guard Construction and TRIPLE G RESIST. Material alternating metal makes this watch really creative.
2016 The GULFMASTER series complements the GWN-Q1000 The first G-Shock series had four sensors to support maritime missions such as altitude, depth, water direction, atmospheric pressure, temperature and altitude. They have both the toughness and the ability to support activities in extreme sea conditions.
2017 Released GPW-2000 The next generation of the GRAVITYMASTER series and the world’s first G-Shock watch are capable of receiving standard time signals via 3 methods: GPS, radio, Bluetooth for aerial missions.

Where to buy genuine G-shock watches reliable quality?

On the market currently, watches are sold rampant. You can see G-shock anywhere, but not sure that these are “real” G-shock. The advice for you is to find a reputable and reliable address.

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Currently, META.vn is distributing genuine men’s and women’s watches from many different brands including G-shock. With diverse models, competitive prices and attractive warranty, you can feel secure when buying here. META is committed to 100% genuine goods with warranty cards.

You can choose 2 purchase methods to come directly or visit the website: META.vn to be able to choose the most satisfactory products:

  • Hanoi: 56 Duy Tan – Dich Vong Hau – Cau Giay. Hotline:
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Above is a look at some of the outstanding G-shock lines with the most noticeable inventions and technologies. But, that much alone must make you see the “growth” of G-shock like! Every year G-shock has new things to market and warms the heart of watch lovers to deserve the name and the leading title in the field of watches today.

Thank you for watching the article!


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