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Learn about 1-way 9000 BTU Panasonic air conditioner

Regulating Panasonic a big brand is no longer so strange in the home market, there is a solid foothold in the users. There are many questions that often poses like how 1-dimensional 9000 BTU Panasonic air conditioner? Should choose Inverter technology or not? Is the price expensive? How to use the room is good? Together with Phong Vu, learn and answer the above questions through the following article to have the right choice for the space to use!

Learn about Panasonic air conditioner brands

Panasonic brand established in 1918 in Japan. The outstanding product lines of Panasonic brand such as household electrical appliances, electrical equipment, lighting equipment, … are rated beautiful designs, high durability, outstanding features, user-friendly.

Panasonic air conditioner It is always the first choice for every family and business. Panasonic air conditioner series are imported from Malaysia, Thailand has passed rigorous passing tests to reach users' hands so users are assured of the quality of products when used.

How does the Panasonic 1-way BT BT air conditioner line fit space?

The 1-way 9000 BTU Panasonic air conditioner is suitable for 15m2 space

Panasonic 1-way 9000 BTU air conditioner suitable for a room area of ​​less than 15m². Some cited manufacturers' air conditioning calculations to choose suitable 600 BTU coolers for 1 m² or 200 BTU are suitable to cool rooms with a volume of 1 m3.

Recipe calculator to choose the room suitable for the room to use:

  • Conditioning capacity according to room area (BTU) = (length x width wide) x 600.
  • Regulating power according to room volume (BTU) = (length x width x height) x 200.

Energy saving technology Inverter in Panasonic air conditioner

Surely in you more or less have heard of inverter technology to save power, so what is Inverter technology? Is it good and should buy Inverter air conditioner or not?

1-way air conditioner Panasonic 9000 BTU uses Inverter inverter technology to change the power capacity to best suit the energy thereby reducing unnecessary power consumption to help you save big power consumption Save you the cost of electricity to pay.

Refer to some Panasonic Inverter air conditioners: CU / CS-PU18VKH-8, CU / CS-PU12VKH-8, CU / CS-U24VKH-8

Inverter technology on Panasonic air conditioners saves energy consumption extremely advanced

Some advantages of Panasonic air conditioning technology

  • Rapid cooling capacity thanks to inverter compressor technology.
  • Power saving use due to not having to turn on and off continuously.
  • Always maintain a stable temperature: thanks to the ability to manually adjust the cooling capacity accordingly.
  • Quiet operation and noise reduction: with the possibility of friction being reduced to the maximum.

Top 3 1-way 9000 BTU Panasonic air conditioners are on sale in Phong Vu

1. 1-way Panasonic Inverter CU / CS-U9VKH-8 1HP

Exquisite design, beautiful

Air conditioner CU / CS-U9VKH-8 with exquisite design, compact, beautiful design. This air-conditioner is put on a delicate, noble pearl white, with a wider designed wind door that helps blow the wind further cool faster.

Panasonic 9000 BTU air conditioner is suitable for use with a 15m2 room

Fluttering wind AEROWINGS

AEROWINGS integrated air conditioner with two dual air vents operates independently, helping the cold air flow to be blown stronger, evenly spread, helping to deepen and faster

– 2 independent double flaps: horizontal horizontal flap operates independently of the side flap.

– Auxiliary air swing: concentrates the direction of cool air flow.

– Larger horizontal air swing: help direct the wind flow further.

1-way air conditioner Panasonic Inverter 9000BTU CU / CS-U9VKH-8

Thermal technology P-TECh

P-TECh thermal booster technology allows the compressor to reach the maximum frequency within the shortest time from start up to help. Air conditioner Panasonic Inverter 9000 BTU CU / CS-U9VKH-8 Chilling is 35% faster than conventional standard air conditioners. Users will enjoy powerful cooling capabilities when they turn on the device.

1-way air conditioner Panasonic Inverter 9000BTU CU / CS-U9VKH-8 P-TECh technology

2. One-way air conditioner Panasonic Inverter 9,000 BTU CU / CS-PU9VKH-8

Nanoe ™ air filtration technology

Panasonic Inverter 9000 BTU CU / CS-PU9VKH-8 air conditioner helps remove airborne dirt including PM2.5 small particles such as bacteria, viruses and mold.

Disabling adhesions on objects and deodorizing odors: neutralizing adhesion microorganisms and odor-causing particles on objects, while limiting mold growth on the surface of objects .

Disabling at the membrane: disabling bacteria, viruses stick to the membrane.

Air conditioner Panasonic Inverter 9000 BTU CU / CS-PU9VKH-8 with advanced nanoe technology

Big Flap wide wind island

Big Flap with 79mm wide lower flap wings design, allowing the airflow to blow as far as possible, helps cool the room evenly and without missing any position in your room without cooling .

Extremely convenient Panasonic Inverter 9000 BTU CU / CS-PU9VKH-8 Big Flap

3. Air conditioner 9,000 BTU Panasonic CU / CS-N9VKH-8

Bring good sleep to sleep at night

This is a specialized mode at night, Air conditioner CU / CS-N9VKH-8 With smooth operation and no noise, the temperature is maintained. When the temperature has stabilized, the machine will automatically adjust to the temperature, you will not worry about being too cold or too hot and having a better sleep.

bring good sleep when using Panasonic air conditioner

Automatic error diagnosis

This function is equipped to help users detect the error of the air conditioner when the machine has problems, the error will automatically report on the display on the control. This also helps the process of repairing and maintaining machines faster, helping users to preserve the machine, limiting heavy damage.

Self-detect error when using Panasonic 9000 BTU air conditioner

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