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The recent case around the massive leak of The Last of Us Part II has grieved the world, the game teams, seeing attacked the hard work of several years, to the players having been spoiled a title which promises to be major. But this story also led to (re) awareness. We gamers race for information with games, we want to have all the details before publishers and developers even share them with us. We make them competitors while we are on the same team.

And I say that with the dual responsibility of the player also actively intervening on a video game site. A situation to which we, the media, are probably the biggest contributors. We may (surely) give in a little too easily to the disclosure of pseudo-exclusives, hoping to entice the public and convince them to come and read us. Clickbait. A not very honorable line that we are constantly careful not to cross.

The good guys

On the other side of the screen, there is also the player – of whom we are also. And what drives us, as players, to go hunting for such information? First, the love of games. Small indiscretions on such or such exit maintain conversation and excitement around a title. If we are also impatient to be able to download Streets of Rage 4, it is also because we know that we will find old acquaintances there through the characters of the first games, and the work of Yuzo Koshiro to the music. Such information reassures us about the quality of the game, and also fuels our desire.

Conversely, certain indiscretions can also slow down our expectations, and sometimes for the better. Fortunately, the campaign preceding the release of the game had prepared us for Shenmue III. Admittedly, the game disappointed, but imagine that we put the cake in its console hoping the slap caused by the first episode? Insured nervous breakdown. We were fortunate to be psychologically prepared.

However, these are information distributed in drops by the game teams, as part of a controlled communication strategy (not always effective, if we judge by the almost 4 million dislike under the trailer for CoD: Infinite Warfare, but mastered). When it comes to leaks, you have to differentiate between “false” leaks, this info that comes frominsiders who are favored and trusted by the studios, and the real ones leaks uncontrolled. On the side of insiders, their secrets have more or less the approval of the game teams, and will be used to promote a title before the official communication, to prepare the ground, take the temperature of the reception, etc …

Public and Here is

Beside these true-false indiscretions, from time to time we find real cases of leaks. We had a great example this week, with obviously the revenge-porn video of a disgruntled ex-Naughty Dog employee, who decided to harm the exit of The Last of Us Part II. A few months ago, these are gameplay images of Final Fantasy VII Remake also spoiled the surprise of those who impatiently awaited the game.

Impatience, precisely. This is what it is all about. Because without denying our share of responsibility, to our media, it is always the player who represents the last segment of a leak. And why voluntarily potentially spoil a title we expect, as The Last of Us Part II or FFVII Remake? Perhaps part of the answer lies in an aspect of the era that wants everything to be accessible immediately: films that come out directly on streaming platforms, the entire season of a series and its 24 episodes visible on the following each other, giants of e-commerce who deliver the same day of the order … So many opportunities unimaginable a few years ago, that may have cost us our ability to just know how to wait.

Thinking about the recent case The Last of Us Part II, we say that the role of news sites such as ours will then be as much to relay the news as to sort it, and to ensure each time that the news that we deliver to you will go in the direction of a better gaming experience.

If you ask yourself a question like “is the leak good for video games?” », Remember that the most famous character in the gaming world is a plumber …

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