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Leaking new patents on Samsung's screen-rolling smartphone

Samsung seems to be trying to find ways to create smartphones with larger display screens for users, but the overall design doesn't increase much.

If you think Samsung will be finished and bored with the odd designs when the Galaxy Fold is released to the market, you are mistaken. A new patent file was discovered by LetsGoDigital, showing that the Korean manufacturer is studying a smartphone with the most "unique and strange" design ever.

According to Phone Arena, Samsung's new patent describes a smartphone that can expand the screen by 60% thanks to a flexible screen combined with a mechanical sliding system. This ingenious creation addresses some of the drawbacks of phones like the Galaxy Fold, namely the thicker body when closed and the need for an extra screen outside.

According to the patent description, this sliding system is controlled by a separate button located on the side of the device. In addition, users can also use the power to pull the screen out without fear of damaging the device.

However, it should be noted that the patented Samsung smartphone screen with a unique scroll screen does not mean that the design will be commercialized. Many ideas in patent are very good but never appear in reality.

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Article source: Phone Arena


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