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Leaking configuration information of Vsmart Bee, "super cheap" smartphone model comes from Vinsmart?

Set a target to launch 10 smartphones in 2019, but until today, Vsmart's first smartphone has suddenly appeared.

Information about Vsmart's new smartphone leaked from Vingroup's own internal. Accordingly, officials and employees of this group have received information that they will receive a smartphone on the occasion of the establishment of this group. The smartphone mentioned in the above announcement is Vsmart Bee. This is a completely interesting detail when this smartphone has not yet been released.

A few hours later, the image as well as the configuration of this smartphone were leaked. Vsmart Bee owns 5.45 inch screen with HD + resolution. The device is equipped with MediaTek MT6739 processor with 1GB RAM capacity and 16GB internal memory. Vsmart Bee's front and back cameras have a resolution of 5MP and 8MP. Power supply for the device is a 2,500 mAh battery. Vsmart Bee also comes with 4G connectivity.

Information from GeekBench showed that Vsmart Bee achieved 578 points in single-core test and 1450 points in multi-core test.

Sforum - Latest technology information screenshot-296-1563293819746257405997 Leaked configuration information of Vsmart Bee, a smartphone model

With the above configuration, we can confirm that Vsmart Bee will be the cheapest model of Vsmart at the time of its launch. Besides, in the notice sent to its employees, Vsmart said this machine will have superior after-sales policy. Thus, the high possibility of Vsmart Bee's owner will also receive a warranty of up to 18 months similar to other products of the company.

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