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Leakage: iPhone 13 may not use the notch design

Apple has been using the notch on its phones since the iPhone X launched in 2017. Since then, the notch has been seen on all of its high-end iPhone models.

However, it is very likely that the “Apple Apples” will change this this year when according to the latest rumor, the iPhone 13 series may not use the notch design.

According to Gizchina, while most previous rumors suggest that this year’s iPhone still uses a notch design but is optimized for the size to be more compact, the latest report suggests that Apple is experimenting. the iPhone 13 prototype doesn’t have a notch inside.

If the test is successful, the iPhone 13 and the next iPhone models may not use the notch that many users do not like. This information also has basis when the Covid-19 epidemic is raging around the world, making iPhone users unable to use the Face ID feature because of wearing a mask.

Before that, there were also rumors that this year’s iPhone generation will integrate fingerprint sensor technology under the screen. This seems plausible since without Face ID, the in-screen fingerprint sensor is the only alternative to biometric technology.

However, if the iPhone 13 doesn’t use a notch, what happens to the front camera? There is no indication that Apple has perfected the camera technology hidden under the screen. There are also no reports that they will use a punch-hole display or a waterdrop display. So, let’s wait and see what “Apples with disabilities” will bring to fans by the end of this year!


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