Leaders of the 'quartet' prepare a meeting to discuss how to deal with China |  World

Leaders of the ‘quartet’ prepare a meeting to discuss how to deal with China | World

This activity comes when the administration of US President Joe Biden seems to want to promote the cooperation framework of four major countries in the Indo-Pacific. US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan calls this “the foundation for US policy formulation in the Indo-Pacific”.

According to the source, the US has proposed to the remaining three countries to organize an online conference.

Whether the conference takes place or not will depend on India, which holds a cautious view of this framework. India is the only country in the “quartet” that shares a land border with China and falls outside of the US-led security alliances.

During the scheduled meeting, the leaders will discuss cooperation to realize the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” strategy, amid an increase in China’s drastic activities in the region. field.

China sees the “quartet” as a gathering of forces to restrain them.

The “Quartet”, whose full name is Quartet Security Dialogue, was born in 2004 in response to the great earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

After a period of hiatus, it has been revived since 2017 and has grown beyond humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, to recently focus on promoting the “open Indo-Pacific. , freedom and coverage ”, according to the State Department’s affirmation.

Foreign ministers from the four countries of this group met for the first time in New York in 2019. The second meeting took place in Tokyo in October last year despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

After that meeting, US Secretary of State Mike Pompoe at that time said that the US government hopes to “institutionalize” the “quartet”, saying that this group has the capacity to “back up” China.

US President Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga have a telephone call recently, which agreed to promote the “quartet”, Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Mr. Biden also promised to fight Beijing’s economic abuses and aggressive behavior by rebuilding alliances, although it is not clear how much the “quartet” framework could develop under prime time. New American rights.

America changed many foreign policies

US President Joe Biden issued a clear warning about developments in Russia and Myanmar, and said he would end US support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen, while pressing strong multilateral agreements and human rights, according to the Wall Street Journal.

American warships entered near Hoang Sa

On February 5, an American warship entered the Vietnamese Hoang Sa archipelago but was illegally occupied by China to assert freedom of navigation.

According to Kyodo


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