Lead poisoning: why does Santé Publique France recommend screening?

Lead poisoning: why does Santé Publique France recommend screening?

In certain towns of Val d’Oise such as Mery-sur-Oise, Pierrelay or in Yvelines at Achères, Quarries-sous-Poissy, Triel-sur-Seine... the lead concentrationsin soils are higher than those accepted in Ile-de-France. They reach, on average,156.6 mg / kg against the selected threshold of 53.7 mg / kg.

Lead poisoning: what are the risks?

  • Theingestion of lead by a young child adversely affects their health and may lead to lead poisoning. Exposure to lead affects behavior, mood, growth, intellectual development, hearing, puberty.
  • Thelead exposure also has consequences in adults : increased risk of chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure, decreased male fertility.
  • At the pregnant woman, exposure to lead can cause developmental problems in the fetus and adversely affect the progress of pregnancy.

What means of prevention?

To limit the risk of ingestion of lead particles, parents are advised to cut their children’s nails short, have them wash their hands well before each meal, andwash and peel all fruits and vegetablesproduced locally before eating and cooking them.

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