Laziness is like a poison apple, slowly absorbed and erodes thinking, limbs become useless: Do not fix, do not "dream big"!
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Laziness is like a poison apple, slowly absorbed and erodes thinking, limbs become useless: Do not fix, do not “dream big”!

He was dozing off all the way despite the father driving a car on the rugged gravel road. While walking, the father suddenly saw that there was an iron hoof on the foot of someone’s horse. The father shook Kumar and told him to jump down to pick up the other nail and bring it to the market, but Kumar, though listening to it, lazily sat quietly pretending to doze.

The father shook his son again, remembering that Kumar loved to eat cherries, he said: “Jump down to pick me up, go to the market and sell it and buy cherries for me” but Kumar boy still Without moving, his eyes remained closed pretending to sleep. Regrettably, the father stopped the carriage and jumped down to pick up the iron hoof.

Going to the market, after selling all the vegetables, the father went to the wrought iron house and sold the horseshoe for 100 dong, he bought a bag of cherries and put away. On the way home, he saw a delicious bag of cherries hanging in front of the car, although he was very craving, the young Kumar did not dare to ask his father for being lazy. The father, who wanted to teach his son the lesson of laziness, sat quietly, ignoring his son’s craving, pretending to drop a cherry on the road.

No need to let his father urge or say, Kumar immediately jumped down from the car, picked up the chewed cherries and chased after the car and jumped. Just like that, the boy had just jumped into the car, not warm yet, the father pretended to drop a cherry, Kumar jumped down again, the father still drove normally, without waiting.

And Kumar had to chase the car every time to jump. As soon as she arrived at home, she ran out of dozens of cherry bags, Kumar had a haggard face because after eating a cherry, she had to follow the car with shortness of breath and then jump up and down again.

The father asked, “Are you tired?”, Kumar nodded because she had no strength left to answer. The father said, “So do you like to jump down once and then jump immediately or several dozen times and chase after the car?” , Kumar bowed her head and understood: “Yes, I understand, Father, from now on I will not let laziness follow me.”

Lazy people think idleness will bring them idle, lucky than other normal people. But, in fact, they were wrong. Laziness makes them feel even more miserable, must run at full speed, must try to 5, 10 to catch up to others. You see, laziness only gives you “short-term” happiness. Want “comfortable”, start working now.

Laziness in humans

There was a freight carrier who needed to carry a certain amount of cargo regularly and sought two horses to help him with this job.

The carrier divided the cargo in half, each carrying half. At first both of them worked hard.

But more and more, one of them worked hard and walked fast, the other one became lazy while walking and grazing on the grass. The shipper saw that so he brought all the goods on the horse’s horse slowly loaded onto the horse’s back.

The lazy horse finds it even more amusing and thinks sarcastically the horse is fast: “Better! The harder you work, the harder you work, the more hard work you get, like I am stronger ?!”.

But unfortunately, the carrier saw that one of them could handle the workload and thought, “Why do I have to raise another worthless lazy child?”

So the carrier sold the lazy horse to people to slaughter.

The idea of ​​manipulating tricks and tactics will help people to be more successful, but laziness will indirectly immerse them in the more difficult and dangerous gates. There is no shortcut for lazy people. If so, is the shortcut forever without light …

The harm of laziness

The Shahil family is on the list of the poorest families in the region, heard that there will be a charity of the Red Cross coming to give gifts to the poor families so the Shahil couple are very happy.

Charities come with big trucks carrying cattle – a vehicle that will help families improve their lives. Depending on the family circumstances, each family is given horses, cows, buffaloes or sheep and pigs. The Shahil family was given a cow.

Shahil was very excited with his wife, discussing what to plant, how to raise cows and how they will grow, how they sold their money, how big the cows were and how they eventually became rich. . The couple finished talking and then fell asleep, forgetting to work for the cow stall to cover the rain and the sun.

A few days later, the Shahil and his wife stood and sat again, discussed and looked at the cow and drew the prospect of future wealth, no one went to the field. A month later, when the food was gone, Shahil’s wife urged her husband to go to the field. Shahil said to his wife: “I have just thought of a great plan, we will do nothing to raise the cow tired, we sell the cow, we can buy The two goats had leftovers to buy food for the whole week, they didn’t have to do it and raised them more leisurely, the two goats would produce a whole herd of goats, at which time we would be spoiled for money. “

Shahil’s wife praised her husband for being good, so they sold the cow, bought two goats, the couple bought food to eat and drink, stopped eating and then talked about wealth, after a week, they went back and forth. .

Lazy, don't expect big work

Shahil told his wife to sell a couple of goats, buy chickens and have enough money to eat and drink for another week. Then gradually they put the chicken in the pot every day, until there were 2 children, Shahil’s wife said, “I will eat only one, and the other will breed,” Shahil said. stop selling her off and go buy some more wine and drink with this chicken for good, tomorrow and then “

So while other poor families worked hard in the field every day with the animals they were offered in order to make a better life, the Shahil couple returned to their empty hands, running every meal.

Comfort and ease are not easy but easy. To reach that threshold, people have to go through a long process of hard work. No matter how lucky you get, you will soon disappear.

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