Lazada Thailand is concurrently the CEO of Vietnam market

CEO of Lazada Thailand will be concurrently the CEO of Lazada Vietnam after impressive business results.

Lazada Group has just announced the appointment of Mr. James Dong, who is in charge of Thailand market, as the CEO of Lazada Vietnam.

“Under the guidance of James Dong, Lazada Thailand has achieved impressive business results. We believe James will continue to make significant contributions, making Lazada even more successful in the Vietnamese market.” , Mr. Pierre Poignant, CEO of Lazada Group said.

Prior to managing Thailand, James worked at Alibaba Group. James is responsible for globalization strategy and portfolio management in the field of e-commerce, including the Lazada merger. Prior to joining Alibaba, James was the Deputy General Manager in charge of Digital Practice at McKinsey.

Mr. James Dong – CEO Lazada Thailand and CEO Lazada Vietnam.

Mr. James said that Vietnam will be a market that brings great opportunities. “We are confident we will dominate this market by increasing access to the young, creating new trends and promoting the leading power of technology and logistics infrastructure.”The new CEO shared.

Before Mr. James, Lazada Vietnam’s CEO is Mr. Max Zhang. After leaving Vietnam, Mr. Max will continue to work at Alibaba Group, where James Dong has previously worked.

* Source: VnExpress


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