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Lazada set a record 13 times higher than normal thanks to 9/9 shopping festival

( After 3 days of implementation from September 9 to September 11, 2020, the 9.9 Super Sale Genuine Shopping Festival on Lazada has set up impressive milestones with increasing first-hour orders 13 times more than normal days. In addition, users also interact more with shopping and entertainment activities when there are nearly 4 million livestream views via LazLive channel on Lazada application.

Mr. James Dong, General Director of Lazada Vietnam, said: “In the context of the economy in general, there are many positive signs of recovery after the impact of the epidemic, we also realize that the consumer shopping needs are very potential, clearly shown through the collected data. are on our platform. The record results of Shopping Festival 9.9 on Lazada clearly show the attraction of activities in the e-commerce industry. This event not only helps consumers to shop for products with many offers and best prices, but also opens opportunities for brands and sellers to develop business on Lazada. Looking forward to the end of the year period with many big shopping festivals, we expect to continue to support more brands and sellers to do business on Lazada, thereby providing a better shopping experience for people. consumption.

Here are the highlights from the 9.9 shopping festival on Lazada:

– Positive figures from entertainment and shopping activities during the 9.9 Genuine Super Sale from September 9-11:

  • Nearly 4 million views on LazLive channel with nearly 1,900 livestream episodes produced during Shopping Festival 9.9.
  • Sales through livestream increased 21 times compared to weekday.
  • More than 20,000 discount codes were launched during livestream activities during Shopping Festival 9.9.

– Consumers have great demand in buying genuine products at good prices.

  • Revenue from LazMall – Lazada’s genuine store system – increased 14 times compared to normal days.

Top 5 best-selling brands by revenue

Top 5 best-selling brands by number of products








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Some other interesting information from Shopping Festival 9.9:

  • The quantity of baby formula & diapers sold is enough for 500,000 babies a day.
  • Adidas – Achieved sales in the first 15 minutes of September 9
  • Kiehl’s – Exclusive luxury cosmetic brand on Lazada with more than 3,000 products sold in Shopping Festival 9.9
  • Anessa – 50 times more growth than normal sales


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