Mateus Costa-Ribeiro.  Photo: LinkedIn


Mateus Costa-Ribeiro. Photo: LinkedIn

Mateus Costa-Ribeiro is not a student like the others.

A law graduate, he has several successes to his credit: he won a lawsuit before the highest court in Brazil, in addition to obtaining a master’s degree from Harvard University. All this… before reaching the age of majority in the United States!

The rising star will soon add another: At 21, he will become one of the youngest people to be called to the New York State Bar, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Despite his age, the future lawyer is not worried. He claims to be mature enough to practice this profession.

“The way you deal with a client, the way you explain a tough decision made by a judge, the way you tell someone they’re going to jail, you need some maturity to deal with it.” such situations, ”he told the American daily.

An early course

Born in Brazil, raised in the capital of Brasilia, Mr. Costa-Ribeiro began his legal career at the age of 13.

His father, also a lawyer, encouraged him to enter law school. He completed at 14 his final high school exams, still according to The Wall Street Journal.

At 18, he won a victory in the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil by demonstrating the unconstitutionality of a law passed by one of the Brazilian states.

At Harvard, his thesis supervisor, the law professor Noah feldman, said he believed in his potential and maturity, even though he recognized the risks associated with such early success.

“I had other students who were also genius children. It hasn’t always worked well for them. For some of them, a greater maturity would have been much superior and useful before he began their course in law ”, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Costa-Ribeiro was able to pass his bar exams before reaching his 21st birthday thanks to a waiver from the New York State Court of Appeals.