Laval Guilty of having recovered $ 2.5 million of coke for $ 100

Laval Guilty of having recovered $ 2.5 million of coke for $ 100

A Laval resident who had received a meager salary of $ 100 to recover $ 2.5 million in cocaine imported by boat cut his trial short, preferring to confess his crime, which had also been filmed by his accomplice.

“The cell phone search led to the discovery of an incriminating video that shows the accused unpacking the boxes,” said Me Marie-Eve Trudel, prosecutor, Tuesday, at the Montreal courthouse, while Patrick Simionescu pleaded guilty to possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking.

Simionescu, 28, figured he would make $ 100 in April 2019 when he agreed to help a friend unload 64kg of cocaine ranging in purity from 84 to 86 percent. With his mother’s car, Simionescu and his friend drove to a warehouse in Montreal where the drugs were to be hidden.

The duo were unaware, however, that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had been alerted and had set a trap for them.

cocaine seizure


Brown sugar

The previous week, the arrival of a ship from Mexico at the Port of Montreal had not gone unnoticed. During an inspection, border services officers discovered cocaine, worth more than $ 2.5 million.

Informed of the situation, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police decided to make a controlled delivery in order to pinch the suspects.

“She replaced the cocaine with bags of brown sugar,” added the prosecutor.

It only took a few days for the suspects to take their bait. On April 2, 2019, Simionescu and his accomplice were seen going to a warehouse where the container had been delivered. An eavesdropping device heard them say they were looking for “the right pallets”.

It was at this point that the police sirens began to whistle.

cocaine seizure


“Oh, my God, we got banged!” had launched Simionescu’s accomplice.

Simionescu then confessed everything to the police. While searching his vehicle, officers found four hockey bags, presumably purchased to carry the drugs.

“An invoice for four hockey bags is found on the accomplice,” added the Crown.

Simionescu’s trial was due to start on Tuesday, but the accused instead pleaded guilty. He is due to return to court in July for observations on the sentence, and will have to submit to an expertise by then to help the court impose an appropriate sentence.

“I have no fear for his future, he is a man who has no criminal history. He has since taken responsibility ”, declared his lawyer, Mr.e Tom Pentefountas.


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