Launching TikiSave, Tiki wants to increase its loyalty

As Tiki announced earlier, this e-commerce platform has launched a similar TikiSave program with Amazon’s Subscribe & Save.

Accordingly, TikiSave helps to periodically deliver regular household products such as diapers, milk, tampons, personal care items … with a discount of 10% for each repeated delivery compared to the listed price. Tiki will remember and automatically send goods to customers on schedule.

The advantage of this program is that customers do not encounter any constraints or commitments, can skip or cancel an order at any time without charge. The program both helps to increase the number of loyal customers and at the same time, convenience and profitability – the psychology of expecting customers’ prices and promotions

“The program is aimed at busy women who don’t have much time but always need to buy everyday things in the family. Tiki will automatically remind, automatically deliver and also offer additional discounts. This is win.” -win for everyone “, Mr. Tran Ngoc Thai Son, President of Tiki explained more about the company’s new program.

When asked about the revenue expectations from this program, Mr. Son said: “Tiki has not set any revenue expectations for TikiSave now.”

Tran Ngoc Thai Son

Mr. Tran Ngoc Thai Son – President of Tiki.

He emphasized: This is a program that no one has ever done, so Tiki wants to try something new and dare to do to get something different from the market and newer for customers.

However, President Tiki affirmed that this program is part of TikiNow and will be Tiki’s competitive advantage at the present time as well as in the future. Because TikiNow is not only a 2-hour fast delivery, TikiSave was born to invest in customers’ satisfaction with Tikinow’s service.

“Currently, no E-commerce trading floor has delivered in 2 hours and made a savings service package for customers within 1 year. Therefore, Tiki wants to do something different. The expectation is that this program is not about how many millions of customers, how many sales but it is important that customers feel like the service or not, like ‘cannot live without TikiNow’, ”said President Tiki stressed.

Before the question: Tiki follows the Amazon model, the 10th year Amazon is profitable, Tiki has now entered the 9th year, Tiki can think about being profitable next year? Mr. Son replied: Tiki does not aim to be “profitable within the next 12 months”. That is not Tiki’s goal at the moment.

“The worst e-commerce market is 15 billion dollars, the best is 30-40 billion dollars, and the best is 260 billion dollars in retail. If the target must be profitable but the customer is not happy, it does not make much sense, ”Mr. Son shared.

Phương Nga
* Source: Young intellectuals


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