Launch of the Brough Superior Lawrence, a model filled with CNC aluminum, carbon and titanium

Named after a famous British officer in history, Brough Superior Lawrence is a super motorcycle that converges the elite of the real “parcel” car industry.

The masterpiece is named after military officer Thomas Edward Lawrence

Before we get to Brough Superior Lawrence we will need to take a moment to talk about “Lawrence”. Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence (1888 – 1935), commonly known as TE Lawrence, was a British Army officer famous for his role in the Arab Rebellion against the domination of the Ottoman Empire – Turkey. Turkey in the years 1916 – 1918. He is considered the most famous guerrilla war leader in World War I, and a master of the “fight and run” method to harass and imprison the Turkish army.

His extensive and rich active life is vividly depicted in his own pages giving him the reputation “Lawrence of Arabs”, a name widely popularized by the epic film of the same name. 1962. In addition, Brought is also famous for many different roles such as archaeologist, diplomat, author and car lover – a fan of the brand named “2-wheeled Rolls-Royce” Brough Superior.


Lawrence’s fondness for Brough Superior is not limited to cars – he is also close with founder George Brough, can be seen as a brand ambassador and bought seven. And in fact on the sixth vehicle, he died forever after an accident. And in honor of this man, the latest newly announced Brough Superior has been named after him.


Brough Superior has used the familiar background of the SS100 in a wide range of premium materials

To create Lawrence (the car, not the TE Lawrence), Brough Superior used the familiar background of the SS100. This means that the 997cc liquid-cooled, 997cc, angle-between V-Twin engine between the two cylinders makes 102 hp and 87 Nm of torque and acts as the main load-bearing mechanism. Although there are some things in common like the Fior multi-point front suspension but to make a difference with the SS100, all Lawrence front and rear grips have been Brough Superior CNC from aluminum and polished.


And the materials and the fabrication method are also the highlights of Brough Superior Lawrence. In addition to the pick-up, many other details such as the engine handle, the brake pedal from Beringer, the handlebar … of the car are also CNC from aluminum. However, they are not as valuable as the entire main frame and tail frame made of titanium. Not stopping there, Lawrence’s gas tank is made of carbon fiber. This is not easy because the material is inherently resistant to strong detergents like gasoline because the fiber layers have to be bonded together by epoxy glue.


And thanks to this fuel tank and the new saddle set on the titanium frame, the CNC clamp on top and the single LED headlight JW Speaker, Lawrence has a different appearance from the original SS100. Brough Superior will only produce a total of 188 special cars and although the company does not announce specific prices, surely this super motorcycle must be at least about $ 100,000 like every 2-wheel Rolls-Royce. ” other.



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