Laughing contentedly after losing to PSG, Coach Koeman still decided not to resign

The Barca coach is under a lot of pressure on his chair after a disastrous 1-4 defeat to PSG at home in the C1 Cup.

Barcelona boss Ronald Koeman was quick to dismiss suggestions that he might have to quit following his 1-4 Champions League defeat earlier this morning to Paris Saint-Germain.

Koeman has previously said that he is confident of Barcelona’s chances in the European Cup this season, insisting that he does not think there is another team that really stands out more than Barca this season.

However, the Dutch strategist was flushed with cold water when he had to witness Barca being engulfed by PSG and Kylian Mbappe at the Camp Nou mecca with a score of 1-4, the French striker alone scored a shot. Hat-trick against Ter Stegen.

Ronald Koeman determined to stay in Barca after a heavy defeat against PSG. (Photo: Getty)

Despite its improved form in La Liga in recent weeks, Barcelona is still far behind top team Atletico. But the problems with the team were more than the lack of breath in the championship race and coach Koeman had no intention of leaving halfway.

To quote Koeman, EPSN for or:
If I were a happy person that Barca won and after an outcome like today says I have no desire to continue leading the team, it would be crazy. I know where I am and what the team has to change. We’re still trying try gradually improve. “

Laughing contentedly after losing to PSG, Coach Koeman still decided not to resign
This will most likely be an empty season for Koeman and his students. (Photo: Getty)

Koeman honestly shared that his team still lacks key players in key positions. He has been making concerted efforts to bring in young players and refresh the squad since his 8-2 defeat in the European Cup last season at the hands of Bayern Munich, leaving his predecessor Quique Setien out of work.

You always have to aspire to win every tournament, but we have to admit that the team is not strong enough in a few positions., “- The 57-year-old coach added.”I said a few times before that Barca are still on the right track, we just lack a lot. Like Pedri, at this age he shines brightly, but in the next 5 years he will be even better than any PSG midfielder.. “

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