Laughing Brother's new movie came out, domineering to win the worst Hong Kong movie in the first half of the year!

Laughing Brother’s new movie came out, domineering to win the worst Hong Kong movie in the first half of the year!

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In May, I watched a terrifying Hong Kong movie “Infernal Storm”, a new film starring Chen Xiaochun, which combines the elements of Hong Kong movies such as “Infernal Affairs” and “Young and Dangerous”, but it was shoddy and gave a 3.8 points. Top bad movie.

At that time, I thought it would be the worst Hong Kong movie in the first half of 2021, but what I didn’t expect was that a worse Hong Kong movie came out, which made me sigh: a mountain is higher than a mountain, and the strength is even stronger. Strong player!

This new film is called “Anti-Motor Racing Action”. It is a Hong Kong film starring “Brother Laughing” Xie Tianhua, “Young and Dangerous Banana Skin” Zhu Yongtang, Li Xiuxian, Wu Dairong, etc. It is a super low-profile version of Hong Kong-produced “Fast and Passion”.

It is indeed Laughing. As soon as the new film came out, with the assistance of Banana Pi, he easily defeated the pheasant and won the honorary title of the worst Hong Kong film in the first half of the year.

In the new film “Anti-Racing Car Action”, you can fully feel what is meant by “perfunctory”. The character setting is unattractive and the image is not full. The plot is both clichéd and far-fetched, and the most terrible thing is that the plot is improved. The article does not follow, a lot of low-level questions.

The story is very simple. Brother Laughing played the role of Cheng Zhifei, a police officer in the anti-speeding group. Fifteen years ago, because he was arresting the DC motor-racing criminal organization and killed an undercover agent, Cheng Sir retired from the anti-speeding group.

DC is a criminal organization controlled by the Yamada group of Japan. Fifteen years later, it came to Hong Kong to do things and held a drag racing competition. Cheng Sir was invited to return to the team and an anti drag racing operation was launched.

“Anti-Racing Car Operation” is a bad movie full of slots. The character’s motive is a mystery, and the plot is not logical, which looks very embarrassing.

Because he failed to save an unknown undercover agent, Cheng Sir felt guilty, blamed himself for more than ten years, and even gave up on himself.

A female journalist, Li Jiayi, didn’t look like Cheng Sir’s girlfriend at all at first, but suddenly became Cheng Sir’s girlfriend without any emotional play.

The most stupid is the villain. The boss of the Yamada team was fine, and trained the undercover son Xiaohai into a right-hand man. He suddenly planned to kill him.

The son of the eldest son of the Yamada group also inherited his father’s stupid gene. As a prince, he was jealous of Xiaohai every day, and this stupid son was vulnerable. The female reporter Li Jiayi tapped the roadside barricade to get it done.

The logic of the story is also a lot of problems. When Cheng Sir received a call from Xiaohai’s girlfriend when he was racing, the woman had no chance to give him the antidote to the poisonous needle. Then when Li Jiayi knocked on the prince, Cheng Sir took out the medicine and said that Xiaohai’s girlfriend gave it to him and handed it to Xiaohai, which was so funny.

I don’t know the so-called plot. When Cheng Sir returned to the team, he began to dress up and asked all the team members to put on sneakers. He took them out to teach them. At least two sneakers were mentioned, but later there were no sneakers. thing.

The most perfunctory is the drag racing scene. There is no feeling of drag racing at all. It only shows the feeling of driving to and from get off work. Moreover, the funds may be too limited. Among the cars used for drag racing, there are a lot of broken cars. The car is the following one.

It’s really hard to make a Hong Kong movie that is terribly bad for old Hong Kong stars such as Laughing and Li Xiuxian, and I don’t know who was fooled to star in “Anti-Motorcycle Action”.


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