Latest Nvidia drivers patch a variety of security holes

Days ago, Nvidia released a new update of the GeForce driver, 441.12. The highlight of this driver is optimization for Red Dead Redemption 2, but, you have one reason to install it – to patch many security holes.

Nvidia posted on a security bulletin that states nine vulnerabilities have been fixed. The most dangerous are CVE-2019-5690 and CVE-2019-5691, both of which can lead to DoS.

For the stiffer GeForce cards, this flaw exists in all versions prior to 441.12, with the update coming in November 4. Some will want to wait a bit more before updating the new driver to make sure it doesn't matter. what. However, if you use older versions, you should update to avoid these vulnerabilities, even if you do not intend to play RDR2.

You can read details about the vulnerabilities here and update to the latest GeForce driver here.

Ninh Tran

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