LastPass to limit free tier to either desktop or mobile from March 16

LastPass to limit free tier to either desktop or mobile from March 16

LogMeIn, the company behind the popular password manager LastPass, has announced a major change to the way the free tier of the service works. Starting March 16, 2021, users of the free tier will be limited to using the service on either just desktop or just mobile.

Currently, the free tier of LastPass is, by and large, a fully functional password manager that allows using the service across mobile and desktop platforms. This means you can create and save passwords on your computer through the desktop client and they will automatically be synced to your phone or tablet through the mobile app.

Starting from March 16, when users of the free tier sign into either the mobile or the desktop app, that particular platform will become their default. Say you choose desktop; in that case, you can continue using the service on the desktop and sync your passwords across multiple computers but not to your phone or tablet.

If you are not happy with your choice of platform, you will get three chances to switch it to the other one. After your three attempts expire, you will be locked to the last chosen platform.

If you want to unlock multiplatform sync support again, your option after March 16 would be to subscribe to one of the company’s premium tiers, which currently includes a $36/year individual plan (available for $27/year for a limited time) and $48/year family plan.


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