Larry Kudlow: The left is trying to destroy American institutions

Larry Kudlow: The left is trying to destroy American institutions

On May 10, Fox News host Larry Kudlow commented that the leftist was trying to destroy major American institutions, from expanding the Supreme Court to cutting money. police book and filibuster termination (rules that protect minority voices in the Senate with a 2/3 majority vote requirement).

Fox News host “Kudlow” – Mr. Larry Kudlow (Video screenshot)

Mr. Kudlow said, “crazy guys“The far left has repeatedly tried to undermine and destroy America’s great institutions. Worst of all, left-wing media certainly favors the crazy leftists and all their insane opinions. That happens almost all of the time.

He said: “Personally, I think Americans really still love the US military and our police force, no matter what those ‘crazy guys’ say. With such things as important racial theories, cultural obliterations, systematic racism and the end of history, the leftist is trying to do great damage to our institutions. “

Mr. Kudlow specifically addressed the issue of racism. According to him, when the term systematic racism came into being last year, the most important thing the radicals really emphasized was the “system“. He said: “I know some bad things about racism. I understand that. But, as Sen. Tim Scott told us last week, about ten days ago, America is not a racist nation. And he is absolutely right. But the extreme left’s insistence that America is a bad place is trying to destroy our system. That’s why they talk about systematic racism. ”

The host “Kudlow” concluded: “And they will do anything. Such as expanding the Supreme Court, threatening jury, terminating filibuster proceedings, cutting the police budget, etc.Because what they really want to do is turn this country out of great democracy and history’s greatest prosperity has become something of a socialist and autocratic control state that supported their leftist ideology. “

Minh Ngoc (According to Fox News)

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