Starting from 2023, laptops with Windows 11 pre-installed will have to have a high-quality front camera

Laptops with Windows 11 pre-installed will have to have HD quality front cameras – VnReview

As part of the news surrounding the new operating system, Microsoft announced that, starting January 1, 2023, every new laptop running Windows 11 will need to have a high-quality front-facing camera.

For those who care about privacy, this is not very interesting because they always stick tape to cover the camera on the laptop. But this is clearly good news for those who have been, are and will be working remotely, ending the series of days of fear of laptops with bad camera quality, or worse, no cameras.

Microsoft has just updated the camera quality requirements in the Windows 11 document. Not only does it require companies to add cameras to laptops, Microsoft also wants the camera to meet other standards, including:

– Have HD (High-Definition) resolution or higher.

– Auto Exposure (Auto Exposure – AE)

– Auto White Balance (Auto White Balance – AWB)

As the whole world has been working from home and demanding from a giant company like Microsoft, bad and outdated cameras will surely disappear, making way for cameras with many times better quality. Only remaining issue is time. For those who care about security, they will have to find more rigorous ways to “make sure” they are not being tracked.

Of course, this requirement will only apply to new laptops released from 2023.

Le Huu (According to Windows Central)

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