Laptop sales increased 5 times after Tet

Laptop sales increased 5 times after Tet

In fact, at FPT Shop system, right in the first days of sale after Lunar New Year (from 4th to 6th of Tet, on February 15th, 2021), laptop sales increased by 5 times. with the same period in 2020 and 2 times higher than the average sales 2 weeks before Tet. “To achieve this achievement, FPT Shop has prepared carefully from goods with a full range of brands and price segments, to incentives such as strong discounts and effective work and study at home combo. In particular, the service and sales scenario during the booming time of the system are also well prepared to serve customers in the best way. All customers buying laptops at FPT Shop will receive free home delivery and remote technical support services”- Mr. Nguyen The Kha, Director of FPT Shop System Mobile Telecom.

Buying laptops at FPT Shop, customers can not only deliver and install them at home for free, but also receive a discount of up to 3 million, receive more effective learning and working at home combos.

Indeed, before and during the Lunar New Year, FPT Shop has implemented many incentive programs to help customers easily choose to buy laptops for studying and working at home. The retail system also keeps a close watch on the epidemic situation in order to have response measures and deploy incentives suitable to customers’ needs. So right after Tet, the retail system immediately renewed and added many attractive incentives, applicable from February 19 to 28, 2021. Detail:

First, discounts up to 3,000,000 VND for a series of today’s most popular laptops, from products from Asus, HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, MSI to super products such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 and Macbook Apple. Some laptops are also reduced to 5,000,000 VND when buying online. Thus, from only 6,990,000 VND, you can own a laptop with many modern features, serving the needs of working and studying at home.

Second, not only get discounts, customers also get more effective home learning combos, including headsets with I.value T-139 Mic, high-end laptop backpack, 30% voucher. 24 ”and 27” Samsung LCD screens, a 300,000 VND voucher to buy HP printer. These two attractive offers will be offered to all customers who choose to pay directly (ie pay 100% of the machine price).

Thirdly, FPT Shop always implements the 0% interest installment program, no need to pay in advance with a very simple installment procedure. Just two basic documents, ID card and Driver’s license (or household registration book) and from 15 minutes of procedure, you can bring a brand new laptop home.

In addition, from January 2021, FPT Shop opened simultaneously 30 laptop centers to best serve customers who choose to buy laptops across the country. These stores will be a technology and service destination with the top 5 criteria: commitment to good prices, diversified products, professional advice, quick support, and dedicated service.


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