Land Rover Defender Spec 1.2 'luxury' version

Land Rover Defender Spec 1.2 ‘luxury’ version

Based on the Defender Ultra V8, the luxurious Spec 1.2 from Ares has carbon fiber bodywork details and a comfortable interior.

Ares Design is a luxury car tuning company based in Modena, Italy that specializes in some special models such as the Wami Lalique Spyder, Ares S1 Project Spyder and recently ventured into the world of Porsche 911s. They have also revealed a Land Rover Defender Spec 1.2 now.

Spec 1.2 is based on the 2018 Defender Ultra V8, the tuner has equipped with all-new carbon fiber body parts, a panoramic roof and a comfortable advertised interior.

This is a true revamp they think will retain all of the Defender’s appeal and charm while adding another element of style, elegance, and modernity to an already-worthy machine. amazing. Including the front end, a carbon fiber rear part and the Defender’s rear is a new circular LED …

The car also owns a set of 18-inch wheels designed in the Ares style for a powerful and modern look. Inside, leather interior and carbon trim details are extremely luxurious, in addition a new infotainment system as well as air-conditioning also helps bring comfort to the occupants.

The most miraculous change is in the engine section, replacing the 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine, the 4,750 cc V8 engine capable of producing a whopping 280 horsepower and about 440 Nm of torque. with 6-speed automatic transmission. The gearbox has been beefed up to handle more power, with a new axle and CV coupling that also supports the car’s higher speeds. This makes the car very different from the normal Defender 2020.


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