In the 58 years since the “Italian Bull” LAMBORGHINI was founded, four-wheel drive vehicles have been launched everywhere, but among them, the truly powerful off-road performance is actually only the LM002 that has been extinct in the automotive industry. Even if the Urus is currently the only SUV model and the chassis is obviously higher than the supercar of the same door, it can’t compete. So some people rely on their own technology and craftsmanship to build a car. This car body is completely copied from the truck version of the “Aventador SVJ”. For the social network that has increased the attention of the unique gimmick, it is definitely a big plus point…

Reprinted from: CARLINK chain car network
Original: Lamborghini “Mountain Climbing Cow” with huge feet! Aventador SVJ “4X4 Off-Road” Funny Edition
Written by: Yu Zongda Daco


LAMBORGHINI is synonymous with supercars for producing high-performance sports cars. Although the Urus, which launched its first SUV four years ago, shocked many people, it can be said to be the most inconsistent masterpiece, in fact, as early as 1986. The LM002 produced, in addition to the Pickup four-door cargo truck body, is also equipped with a high chassis. It is equipped with a 5.2L V12-cylinder engine from Countach and a four-wheel drive design. The off-road performance and power output are both full Powerful, in addition to being the rarest and peculiar in the history of LAMBORGHINI cars, it has also become a dream car in the hearts of many fans! This is a Dallardo owner and Youtuber’s “mashinatory”. Based on his fascination with the LAMBORGHINI four-wheel drive off-road vehicle, he also has the weird idea of ​​handcrafting with his own specialties.

For Youtuber, who is based on the number of views, instead of copying the appearance of LM002 completely, the social networking world that emphasizes unique gimmicks has limited eye-catching effect. As a Youtuber, the “mashinatory” understands this truth better. As a result, the LAMBORGHINI 4X4 body shape created by itself has also been converted to the Aventdor SVJ known as the “most powerful cow”! In order to create the most memorable and reverberant effect, all parts of the car body are completely scanned in 3D to produce the most realistic proportions. Based on the consideration of low investment and high rewards, the mold material is also easy to cut and can be large. The foam that shortens the working hours, and the use of low-cost FRP glass fiber material for the body structure, the Aventdor SVJ shell has been smoothly remanufactured through personal professional and delicate modification and handwork, directly combined with the four-wheel drive chassis of other manufacturers, in order to have Super shocking visual effects, the tires are even more specially upgraded with 44 rough tires, just like the Big Foot version of Aventdor SVJ, anyone who has seen it has a harsh memory, and it achieves the viewing effect expected by the owner…