Lactose intolerance: what to eat

Lactose intolerance: what to eat

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THE lactose intolerance, which is caused by a deficit of lactase, an enzyme responsible for the digestion of lactose present in milk and its breakdown in glucose and galactose, can cause episodes of diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain and bloating.

  • The benefits of milk and dairy products

  • When to cut diet milk derivatives

  • Tests for lactose intolerance

  • Milk and yogurt

  • Low lactose milk

  • Lactose-containing remedies

The benefits of milk and dairy products

Dairy products allow a protein intake important and are the main source of calcium and protein. The association of calcium with vitamin D strengthens the bones, limiting the risk of fractures. Patients with severe intolerance should look for ways to consume calcium from other sources, natural or artificial.

When to cut diet milk derivatives

A lactose intolerant person can easily consume a moderate amount of certain dairy products. Intolerants should avoid drinking milk and eating ice cream, but they can consume other products, with lower lactose concentration.

Tests for lactose intolerance

Every lactose intolerant person reacts in a particular way to the problem and must do her own tests to know her degree of intolerance and the amount of each product she is able to eat.

Milk and yogurt

Milk can be consumed during meals, especially whole milk. Fasting or in large quantities is not recommended. Yogurts and other products based on fermented milk can be consumed without restrictions since they do not contain lactose due to the presence of yeasts, which produce an enzyme that degrades the substance. Cheeses, especially hard-shelled cheeses, such as Parmesan, Swiss and dough, can also be eaten.

Low lactose milk

The lactose-free milks are tolerated by this group of individuals and prevent these people from becoming deficient in calcium and vitamins.

Lactose-containing remedies

Some remedies are prepared from extracts that contain lactose. It is necessary read the package leaflet and talk to your doctor about your intolerance.

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