Kuaishou releases its first game short video subsidy policy to enter “hard core” game content

There was a time when Kuaishou’s performance in the field of game content was considered very low-key.

But in recent years, Kuaishou has made great moves in the construction of game content. In 2019, Kuaishou Games released a support plan for millions of game creators, introducing a large number of top content creators to the platform. In 2020, Kuaishou officially launched the game guild support policy with the highest share of the first-line platform, attracting strong lineups such as the YTG team and tentacle star anchors. In the impression of the game industry and many users, Kuaishou seems to be the center of content for popular head products.

Especially from the related content of popular mobile games such as “Glory of the King” and “Peace Elite”, Kuaishou has an overwhelming advantage over other platforms with the proportion of anchors with more than one million fans. The anchors of popular projects, such as Shepherd Boy, who have tens of millions of fans, have built a very eye-catching audience scale and user stickiness for Kuaishou.

However, the new video subsidy policy recently released by Kuaishou seems to have revealed greater ambitions and patterns.

When everyone thought that the platform would continue to focus its efforts on popular products, Kuaishou set its sights on the single-player and console game field with a relatively narrow domestic audience.This policy is for stand-alone and host-themed videos. Authors can apply to the official for subsidies based on their works. As long as they complete the contract through the official screening and complete the monthly task indicators, they can enjoy the irresponsible basic salary, high cash sharing and The resource tilt of massive traffic.

Why focus on harder and deeper game content this time?

With all kinds of questions, the author communicated with Luke, the person in charge of Kuaishou Game Video. He clearly told me that Kuaishou has a clearer understanding of building a more diversified game content ecosystem than we thought.

No responsibility base salary + share, Kuaishou’s first game short video subsidy policy is introduced

Judging from the current creator solicitation order issued by Kuaishou, the subsidy structure this time is quite generous, with basic salary + video sharing + traffic support, which is conducive to continuous motivation of creators’ creative enthusiasm and career growth.

For authors who comply with the subsidy policy, Kuaishou will give high-quality accounts a non-responsible minimum subsidy of up to 30,000 yuan per month based on the historical performance of their accounts. In other words, as long as the amount of works published by the author meets the standard, he can receive the corresponding guarantee subsidy. Compared with many platform support programs that only share broadcast volume, this kind of no-responsibility guarantee policy shows the strength and sincerity of the Kuaishou subsidy program.

On this basis, Kuaishou will have a split of 5-15 yuan per unit price per 10,000 views for each video. Such a share price seems to be the average level in the industry, but Kuaishou’s nearly 800 million monthly active traffic blessings is a major advantage that the platform cannot ignore.

In addition to the boost of funds and flow dimensions, this subsidy activity will also include a series of follow-up platform activities. For example, Kuaishou will establish contacts with major domestic mainframe and stand-alone manufacturers to provide authors with more convenience in material selection and production. A dedicated operator will provide one-to-one guidance to the author, optimize the content of the game, and so on.

In general, the platform will participate in the entire process from content production to release, and finally revenue settlement, ensuring that high-quality content can get enough traffic in Kuaishou, so that creators participating in the subsidy program can get enough revenue. .

“Good content deserves to be respected, and its value should also be revealed.” Luke said: “We hope that these creators can create without worries and ensure that they pursue what they like without worries.” This shows that Kuaishou has more in-depth thinking in terms of protecting the real interests of creators.

When talking about the specific design ideas of this subsidy strategy, the person in charge of Kuaishou Game Video told us: “We hope that everyone can understand the user’s preferences with the help of the platform and get used to the user’s perspective, while adhering to the principle of polishing the content quality. Set out to optimize your content.”

Creator’s feedback on subsidy policy

In the current creative environment, a direct problem faced by many video authors is that it is difficult to understand the platform’s gameplay and the audience’s preferences. After reaching a tacit understanding with the platform environment, how to maintain the vitality and creativity of one’s own works and personal design is another long-term big proposition.

Now, with the support of the subsidy policy, if creators are willing to spend a certain amount of time and energy to cultivate tacit understanding and cooperation with the platform. Good content can get enough traffic in Kuaishou, and users of Kuaishou platform can also enjoy the benefits of high-quality content, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation between creators and the platform.

“I have always believed that any content creation is a non-industrialized product. We hope that authors can give full play to their subjective initiative and creativity on the basis of income security,” Luke said.

To build a diversified content ecosystem, why does Kuaishou need to expand into new areas?

So, why on earth should we focus on promoting the mainframe, stand-alone, and other areas that seem a little unfamiliar to Kuaishou?

Regarding such questions, Luke said that the composition of Kuaishou game content has undergone considerable changes in the past one or two years.

Kuaishou often conducts some research and interviews based on the user’s intentions, and then examines the lack of content on the platform from the player’s feedback. Through similar feedback collection, Kuaishou found that platform users actually have a considerable demand for many console, stand-alone, and independent types of game videos. For example, last year’s hot models “Yuan Shen” and “Cyberpunk 2077”, the volume of works and consumption in Kuaishou is very high.

But Luke also admits that, objectively speaking, in the face of these more hard-core, more in-depth experience game content needs, Kuaishou does have a lot of room for supplementation and improvement. The platform still needs to use more high-quality content to meet the needs of users, and this is one of the main reasons for the subsidy boost for stand-alone and console games this time.

As for the other big reason, it comes from Kuaishou’s observations of the domestic industry. Kuaishou noticed that more and more stand-alone indie games are emerging and gradually becoming a component that cannot be ignored in the domestic game market.

“In recent years, high-quality domestic single-player games have been appearing. In the beginning of this year alone, there have been explosions such as “Dyson Ball Project” and “Ghost Valley Bahuang”. This is an obvious trend.” Luke said: ” As an application with a wide range of domestic audiences, Kuaishou naturally hopes to help China’s game industry develop better and help high-quality products gain more traffic and exposure under the complete background of the game industry. If Kuaishou is pure, there are only some popular ones. As far as game content is concerned, the assistance that can be provided for the ecological development of the entire domestic game industry is still limited, so we hope to provide more and more in-place content to boost the development of the entire industry.”

It can be said that introducing excellent Chinese game content to more players with high-quality videos is not only enriching the content ecology of Kuaishou, but also providing assistance to the development of the domestic game market ecology. Luke emphasized that he is a heavy stand-alone game player, so he can fully understand the charm of stand-alone games, and is pleasantly surprised by the good products that continue to emerge in China. Therefore, he and the Kuaishou game team hope to find like-minded friends and creators in this direction, and together bring more diversified and good content to Kuaishou users.

The future: break the inherent impression and be a fast hand that players like

Just as Kuaishou has made many efforts in the game field in recent years, this subsidy campaign for consoles and stand-alone games may be just the beginning.

In fact, Kuaishou already has considerable content and user scale for many subdivided and niche game categories.

For shooting games, for example, not only are hot projects such as “Peace Elite” active, former CF professional player Guang Jun has 9.5 million fans in Kuaishou, becoming the anchor with the number of fans in the CF category on the entire network. Ye Feng, a well-known player in the classic fighting game “King of Fighters”, also has a good popularity in the live broadcast of Kuaishou. Even “Under the Legend”, a niche game that was originally only circulated in a small range of hardcore players, has tens of millions of new players in Kuaishou every day.

Indie games are actually very popular in Kuaishou

Kuaishou plans to continue to invest in the future to cover more different types of game products and produce more diversified content. There is also a very important reason for carrying out such an attempt. Kuaishou hopes to break the solid impression of the platform formed by the majority of audiences in the past to a certain extent.

In Luke’s view, Kuaishou has always suffered a bit before the content of the game. After long-term efforts, the game content ecology of Kuaishou is constantly enriched, and the tonality is closer to the mainstream of diversification.

As far as the game sector is concerned, now is the time to turn Kuaishou into a platform that players are really passionate about, prepare the content library and community atmosphere for players, and let them take the initiative to share games and life. In short, it is to let Kuaishou have the content attribute of “more right taste”.

“We hope that you, as a game player, when you turn on Kuaishou now, you will clearly feel that Kuaishou’s game videos are the ones you want to watch. This is our ultimate goal, and of course we still There are many phased goals to achieve.” Luke concluded.


Kuaishou continues to show its understanding of the game industry from the traffic support for B-side developers, to the first generation of games, to the support of PGC for C-side users. The release of the subsidy policy also allows the industry to see the determination of Kuaishou to invest heavily in resources. It is not difficult to see that the strategic position of the game sector in Kuaishou nowadays does not just stop at traffic acquisition, but hopes to attract more diversified game users through high-quality content and stimulate the potential of the game ecology.

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