KTM reveals completely new 490 and 890 motorcycles for 2020

KTM reveals completely new 490 and 890 motorcycles for 2020

In the past few years, the KTM brand is expanding its product line in all segments, from light, medium, medium, high-end to high-end. Notably among them are two new product lines, KTM 490 and KTM 890, which the company will launch in 2020. Recently, KTM has announced a series of new products in all segments in 2020.

KTM's new range of motorcycles in 2020

KTM’s new range of motorcycles in 2020

According to the above list, we can see that KTM will have at least 9 new models (the models are blurred) in the coming 2020. Specifically, light vehicles KTM 125/250/390 will have more adventure and supermoto lines; KTM 490 models will have models like adventure, supermoto, enduro, naked bike and sport bike; Similar KTM 390 series will have more adventure products, supermoto, touring and naked bike.

The KTM 490 and KTM 890 product lines are two completely new models of KTM. The KTM 490 will be available in all variants, sharing the new engine with a double cylinder, DOHC, 490 cc capacity set. Depending on the design and purpose of use, the power, transmission ratio and map of the engine on each model will be different. According to previous information, 3 models 490 Duke, RC 490 and 490 Adventure will use the same chassis compatible with the new engine. The Supermoto and Enduro models will use the improved KTM 690 SMC R and KTM 690 Enduro R series chassis.

The second new model, the KTM 890, is expected to have four models including a adventure model, a supermoto model, a touring model and a naked bike model. In it, naked bike model KTM 890 Duke R was launched at EICMA 2019 with a similar appearance to the KTM 790 Duke, but equipped with an LC8 engine, double cylinder, 890 cc capacity, liquid-cooled, producing 121 horsepower. at 9,250 rpm and maximum torque of 99 Nm at 7,750 rpm.

A notable range of KTM’s new products in 2020 is the electric scraper with four models: Freeride E, Freeride E Light AI, Freeride E AM and Sport Mini E.

More detailed information about KTM 490 and KTM 890 models will be updated in the near future, when the Austrian car brand officially launches a series of new cars in 2020.



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