KTM RC125 spy photos were exposed abroad! After focusing on the development of DUKE and ADV models in the past few years, KTM once again turned its attention to the development of RC125 and RC390 in the small displacement market. The first spy shot of the test car was RC125, and RC390 will also use the same design and frame, so the content of the changes should be consistent. The two models were witnessed near the KTM factories in Spain and Austria. At present, the two models can only be distinguished by the exhaust system and the engine cover.

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Except for the engine and brake kits, almost all of the KTM RC125 equipment has undergone substantial changes. At a glance, the new RC125 shell has two distinct layers. The fairing of the entire front part of the car adopts the design of “suspending” on the car shell, allowing airflow to pass through during riding. The transparent one-piece goggles design became the most eye-catching focus of this change. Extending from top to bottom, covering the headlights and LED direction lights to the sides of the body, giving the RC125 a more streamlined style.

The new fuel tanks are clearly separated in the front and rear halves. According to speculation, the front half will be loaded with fuel tanks, and the rear half will contain the engine air intake system of the RC 125.

The new generation of RC125 uses a lighter appearance, especially at the rear of the car. The usual steel frame, but uses a thinner, simpler plastic body. Different from the rough style of the previous generation, both the body line and the visual sense have made considerable progress.

Observed from the picture, WP suspension and ByBre brake system should be one of the few parts that have not changed.

Equipped part, bid farewell to previous years of LCD instrumentation, RC125 will keep up with other KTM cars, using the new 5-inch TFT LCD instrumentation. The KTM RC125 has been tested abroad for a period of time, and all the later-developed components such as the front and rear lights seem to be completed. The actual mass production should be just around the corner. If you want to track the latest update information of KTM RC125, please continue to lock in Moto7!

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