ktm-duke-250-abs-2019 -–- change-do-de-but-pha-xa-hon

KTM Duke 250 ABS 2019 – Changes to break even further

KTM contributes to the exciting motorcycle market when upgrading the Duke 250 ABS 2019 naked bike model. This model is designed with a new language as well as safety equipment, expected to bring a breakthrough in the 250 segment. cc this.

Currently, the movement to play cars in Vietnam is increasingly popular and growing. Many people desire to own a large displacement bike so that they can satisfy their passion on the roads but the price is not too expensive.

And KTM Duke 250 is one of the outstanding names that can meet those. This model appeared primarily to connect the gap between the price and performance between the 200 Duke and 390 Duke segments. More importantly, KTM has just upgraded the design and power of this model to be able to satisfy customers who love this brand.

ktm-duke-250-abs-2019 -–- change-do-de-but-pha-xa-hon

1. Improved design

In terms of design, the KTM Duke 250 2019 continues to inherit a lot of appearance from the KTM 1290 Super Duke R elder brother, similar to what KTM Duke 390 has done. The overall look of this car is sharper than the previous version. The tail is also extended by KTM under the subframe, giving the car a slightly forward position. The driver when sitting always feels like turning the gas, breaking forward.

ktm-duke-250-abs-2019 -–- change-do-de-but-pha-xa-hon

Although the headlights are still Halogen bulbs, they are designed with a very fancy big interface, different from the split design that Duke 390 owns. While the two sides are equipped with positioning DRL lights, the application of modern LED technology helps increase lighting capacity as well as better visual effects.

ktm-duke-250-abs-2019 -–- change-do-de-but-pha-xa-hon

The bibs on both sides are shaped like the 1290R Super Duke, giving an extremely aggressive and sturdy look. However, the car still uses the old digital dashboard, not upgraded as full LCD as 390, but the fuel tank with 2 tones makes the car stand out more.

The saddle is divided into two floors and can be adjusted from 740 to 800 mm in height, very suitable for each person’s condition, even those under 1.6 m can also control. In addition, the saddle is slightly beveled making the seat feel more comfortable.

ktm-duke-250-abs-2019 -–- change-do-de-but-pha-xa-hon

In addition, the trellis frame of the KTM Duke 250 with 2 contrasting black / orange paints, stretching from front to back creates a highlight for the body, more stylish than a naked bike.

The car’s exhaust system is located on the right instead of hiding under the previous version. However, the Duke 250’s exhaust neck continues to bend to the left of the cylinder barrel and then descends to the exhaust filter and muffler, causing heat to flow to the operator’s left leg and causing discomfort when drive for many hours.

ktm-duke-250-abs-2019 -–- change-do-de-but-pha-xa-hon

2. Powerful engine

While the exterior has received a lot of changes, the strength of Duke 250 2019 is still not much improved. The car still uses a single cylinder engine, capacity of 249 cc, liquid-cooled, helping to produce 31.1 horsepower and maximum torque of 24 Nm, accompanied by electronic fuel injection system. and 6-speed gearbox.

Of course, with a 1 cylinder engine, it is difficult for this car to bring exciting sound. In return, the Duke 250 2019 inherits quite a lot of equipment that a car under 500 cc is hard to get. Using this car for long-distance tours or simple terrain is very appropriate and not much difficulty.

ktm-duke-250-abs-2019 -–- change-do-de-but-pha-xa-hon

3. Modern and safe equipment

In terms of safety, KTM continues to exert its advantage in this regard when equipping Duke 250 2019 with reverse-type suspension fork in front of 43 mm diameter, equivalent to the super sport KTM RC8. 1300 cc. While the single cylinder spring shock absorbers at the back carry WP brand quite famous.

The front brake of the car is a single disc, 320mm in diameter, while the rear disc has a size of 230mm and both brakes use Bybre pigs, sub-brand of the famous Brembo braking firm. In particular, KTM has increased the operational safety for Duke 250 2019 by adding double ABS brakes.

ktm-duke-250-abs-2019 -–- change-do-de-but-pha-xa-hon

In addition, this model also incorporates the modern technology of Slipper Clutch (technology to prevent wheel lock when changing the gearshift) so that the driver can comfortably experience the speed breakthrough without having to worry.

It is known that KTM Duke 250 ABS 2019 is sold for Rs 194,000 (about 63.5 million). With such upgrades, this model can compete fairly with competitors in the same segment from Yamaha, Kawassaki, Honda …

ktm-duke-250-abs-2019 -–- change-do-de-but-pha-xa-hon

If brought to Vietnam, this model will continue to bring more options for customers who love large displacement vehicles. If your money problem doesn’t matter, the KTM 250 Duke is the ideal vehicle that can meet all you want about a large displacement model for long distances without worry. nothing.

ktm-duke-250-abs-2019 -–- change-do-de-but-pha-xa-hon


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