Krypton | Exclusive R9 5900HX+RX6800M strong combination, ROG Moba 5R released

Krypton | Exclusive R9 5900HX+RX6800M strong combination, ROG Moba 5R released

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As the world’s top gaming hardware brand, ROG has been committed to bringing the most cutting-edge and most powerful cutting-edge hardware to all players. At the beginning of this year, ROG took the lead in launching a variety of game products equipped with AMD’s latest 7nm process processor for players, unveiling a brand new performance experience of Zen3 architecture for players, and quickly detonating an upsurge in the game market.

Now ROG has once again pushed up the boom. In 2021, the ROG Moba 5R, the first “A+A” gamebook equipped with AMD processors and AMD graphics cards in the game market, will officially debut on the entire network! The dual A chip brings unprecedented performance and new experience to the Moba 5R, and the exclusive AMD technology blessing makes the performance release more powerful. The brand-new design language, unique shadow challenger red armor coating, ROG elements throughout the interior and exterior, and fully upgraded RGB lighting effects make Moba 5R full of faith.

ROG Moba 5R

5900HX+RX6800M Double A combination releases core energy

As the most concerned processor this year, ROG Moba 5R is equipped with AMD’s Ryzen™ 9 5900HX for players. It adopts 7nm process technology and has 8 cores and 16 threads. Under ROG’s exclusive optimization, it can perform with a high performance of 90W. Continuous operation, and factory pre-overclocked, players can overclock to meet the pursuit of higher-level performance.

ROG Moba 5R

The addition of the exclusive AMD Radeon™ RX 6800M graphics card allows Moba 5R to bring players a new experience in terms of image performance. The RDNA™2 architecture of the AMD Radeon RX 6800M graphics card collection combines ray tracing, computing and traditional effects, which can bring realistic visual effects in games. The graphics card has 40 computing units and a light accelerator, 12GB of GDDR6 memory, and 96MB of Infinity. Cache. In some games specially optimized for AMD, the RDNA™2 architecture can provide up to 2 times the performance experience, and advanced energy-saving technology should be incorporated into the high-performance computing unit, which can increase up to 30% under the same energy consumption level. % Of acceleration frequency. ROG is deeply optimized for graphics card performance, bringing a clock frequency of up to 2660MHz and powering up to 180W, which further meets the ultimate picture quality use of players.


In addition to bringing players new performance options, the double A combination also unlocks AMD’s exclusive new technology for players. AMD SmartShift technology can quickly distribute power between the CPU and GPU, thereby instantly optimizing games, 3D rendering, video editing and other workloads, and performance can be increased by 10%. AMD Smart Access Memory technology gives the CPU full access to GPU memory, which can further eliminate bottlenecks, make performance more surging, and increase game frame rate.

Double liquid gold blessing the glacier heat dissipation comprehensive escort

Only advanced heat dissipation design can maximize the performance strength of the dual-A combination. ROG Moba 5R adopts the exclusive Glacier cooling architecture 2.0, and the luxurious configuration of dual fans, four air outlets and six heat pipes builds an efficient heat dissipation model for the dual-A chips. group. At the same time, Moba 5R is also ROG’s first gaming laptop equipped with dual liquid gold design. Violent bear liquid metal has a high thermal conductivity of 73W/mk, and the thermal conductivity is more than 10 times that of traditional silicone grease, which can effectively reduce the temperature of CPU and GPU. Make high-energy chips lasting and stable.

ROG Moba 5R

In the keyboard position, a specially designed infrared sensor will monitor the keyboard temperature in real time, automatically adjust the power supply and system heat dissipation. At the same time, the WASD button area operated by the player with high frequency also has a CoolZone design with a small vent, and the fan will suck in cold air from above. It can lower the keyboard by 10°C, ensuring that the player always has a “cool” operating feel. Players can also quickly switch between different heat dissipation modes through Storm Supercharge, whether it is a fever player or a user who needs to go to a quiet place, Moba 5R can satisfy.

Fully balanced deep optimization from hardware to experience

ROG Moba 5R is a device specially designed for games, which vividly demonstrates ROG’s pursuit of extreme spirit in multiple dimensions such as performance release, heat dissipation, and player experience. Up to 64GB of dual-channel DDR4-3200 memory can help players perform multi-tasking faster, and large-capacity NVMe SSDs can load games and applications at extremely fast speeds, and absorb the resources required by players.

ROG Moba 5R

In order to bring a more immersive gaming experience, Moba 5R also equipped players with up to 300Hz 3ms gaming screen, equipped with FreeSync Premium technology, through the ultra-narrow frame design to fully present the high frame strength brought by the dual A chips. Dual smart AMP speakers, virtual 5.1.2 channel surround sound provided by Dolby Atmos, create a three-dimensional auditory feast for players.

Faith appearance upgrade, divine light synchronization empowers RGB power

In addition to the new performance experience, the combination of A+A also allows ROG Moba 5R to have a lighter posture due to its outstanding power consumption control performance. Together with ROG’s excellent narrow bezel design process, it is comparable to the previous generation 15. Compared with the inch product, the Moba 5R has a 7% smaller area. It is equipped with an aluminum alloy top cover and a unique shaded challenger red armor coating. It also comes with 2 replaceable badges of faith, giving the cyberpunk a sense of trend. . This unique element full of trend is also run through every place of the fuselage. The dot matrix design makes the A side both neat lines and unique personality. The bottom is also full of ROG exclusive elements and small details, BACK ON TOP The design concept makes Moba 5R a trendy product wherever it is placed.

Players who like Aura Divine Light Synchronization will also unlock a new RGB lighting experience on the Moba 5R. The upgraded surround light belt has a higher density of LED lamp beads. With a four-zone RGB backlit keyboard, players can create a unique and exclusive Atmosphere.

ROG Moba 5R

The dual-core combination of AMD processor and AMD graphics card makes ROG Moba 5R a new choice for gamers. Outstanding performance experience, uncompromising hardware strength, comprehensive detail optimization and unique design, Moba 5R is the player 2021 The choice of faith not to be missed in the year.



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