Korean variety show has another trick to let couples who have broken up live in the same house, and then develop a new relationship

Korean variety show has another trick to let couples who have broken up live in the same house, and then develop a new relationship

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In recent years, Korean variety shows have developed very maturely. This means that we can no longer stick to the traditional rules of the past, and we must break the rules and innovate, so that the road of variety shows can continue to move forward. Therefore, Korean variety shows frequently make strange moves, and people have to be convinced.

Recently, South Korea has launched a new love variety show called “Transfer Love”. This variety show is very interesting just to hear the name. “Transfer” means exchange, and “transfer to love” can be understood as exchange of love.

How to exchange it? Xiao Ba learned that this variety show consists of several celebrity hosts and 8 amateur guests. The host is responsible for watching amateur guests’ love routines in the background and expressing their opinions. During the recording, the amateur guests will live in a room together, and then complete the task of the program group.

The 8 amateur guests are the most interesting. They are composed of 4 men and 4 women, and the true identities of these 4 men and 4 women are lovers who have broken up. Years or months after they broke up, the program group gathered them together to record variety shows.

In order to increase the suspense of the show, the requirement for the guests at the beginning of the show is not to tell everyone who your predecessor is, and to pretend that you don’t know your predecessor, and then let the host and the audience guess who is with whom. Lovers.

The understanding of several hosts on this show is that people who have broken up come here to find new love. That is, in front of your own ex, you can fall in love with the other’s ex without knowing who the other’s ex is. This arrangement is so tense and exciting, Xiao Ba wanted to say that the program group really can play.

At present, this variety show has only been broadcast to the first episode. In the first episode, the eight guests just knew what each other’s name was, but it was not announced who was a couple with whom. Only in the two-thirds of the show, one of the former couples was revealed to the host and the audience. The guests don’t know yet.

The program team also took great pains in order to allow several former lovers to regroup. Every time you work, you need a man and a woman to match, and you have to take turns. Every day there is a meal preparation group and a duty cooking group. This is obviously creating opportunities for newcomers.

At the end of the first episode, the program team also added a very messy link, that is, let several guests choose a guest of the opposite sex that makes you heartwarming. You can choose your own predecessor or someone else.

As a result, several were selected by the predecessor, and several were not selected. Those who have not been selected can see that their expressions are uncomfortable.

Among these couples of former couples, one couple is very popular. Because the males here look good, can cook, and treat people very warmly. The girl is also very cute and very emotional. She cried when she recalled her ex-boyfriend, which made people feel distressed.

Therefore, when choosing the beloved partner, the boy was not only chosen by his predecessor, but also by the other three girls. While the girl was chosen by her predecessor, she was also chosen by two other boys.

This should be the most exciting link in this episode, but the most popular pair is the most likely to reunite with the predecessor. Because it can be seen from their interviews and letters to each other that they still like each other. The audience also said that it is really top-notch.

In Korea, there are more than this one. Before that, they have let people who have not yet begun a relationship, about to break up, already divorced, about to get divorced, etc., to do various programs.

It has to be said that Korean variety shows really play with human feelings so hard that anyone who watches it will say “Oumaika”. And this file of “Transfer in Love” is said to have more amazing content behind it, such as asking the newcomer to go on a date with their predecessor in a place where they have sweet memories, etc., just don’t be too top-notch.

Those who are interested in this kind of embarrassing show, can go and watch it!


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