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Korean carmakers lead the list of original quality | Review car

J.D. Power has just released its annual Initial Quality Study for new cars and surveyed owners about problems with their cars during the first 90 days of use. Last year, three Korean automakers – Genesis, Hyundai and KIA – topped the list; So far this year, nothing has changed.

Genesis topped the list of Initial Quality Research (IQS) in 2019 that J.D. Power just announced on Wednesday (June 19). The brand only had an average of 63 defects per 100 new vehicles (PP100 points) after 90 days of use, followed by KIA and Hyundai with 70 and 71 points of PP100 respectively. The next ranked automakers include: Ford (83), Lincoln (84), Chevrolet (85) and Nissan (86). Meanwhile, the average is according to J.D. Power draw is 93 errors per 100 vehicles.

List of automakers according to J.D.’s Initial Quality Research Power.

The gap between South Korean manufacturers and many other automakers continues to widen when compared to last year’s data; according to J.D. Power, this is somewhat related to improvements in their entertainment systems and electronics. Overall, the entertainment system issues also seem to diminish, the research center points out, while advanced driver assistance systems are becoming increasingly complex.

However, new cars are being complained more because they have more strange technology and modern than the old model. According to J.D. Power, although the cars sold in 2019 own an average of 103 defects per 100 vehicles (the best ever) but still higher than the old car with 91 PP100.

The majority of US manufacturers scored close to the average, and have Ford, Lincoln, CHevrolet, Dodge and Buick pass 93 points. On the other hand, European brands are below average; even, Land Rover and Jaguar are at the bottom of the table, with scores 123 and 130 respectively.

However, a German model – Porsche 911 – brought the honor of becoming the least problematic car according to the J. D. Power survey with 58 faults per 100 vehicles.

3 million Hyundai and KIA vehicles were investigated for engine fires

On Monday, the U.S. Road Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced an investigation of 3 million Hyundai and KIA vehicles after reviewing reports of more than 3,000 car fires. wounding 100 people.

According to CNET


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