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On February 3, the Korean Ministry of Land Administration and Transport said the Korean national airline Korean Air will also enter the flight market International travel does not land with the first flight to Japan and back to Korea on February 27.

According to the Vietnam News Agency reporter in Seoul, for the first time, the ministry allowed Korean airlines to provide this travel service in December last year.

In August 2020, South Korea’s low-cost airlines launched domestic tourism flights for high-school passengers and students majoring in aviation and tourism.

This form of tourism has been extended to people on domestic routes since October and on international routes since December last year.

The Korean Ministry of Land Administration and Transport has licensed 23 flights in the international travel flight without a third landing (from February 1 to 28), more than once (December 12, 2020). -2/2/2021) with 16 flights and the second time (from February 9-31 to) 12 flights.

In January, South Korean airlines served 1,212 passengers on these flights, down from December 2020 (1,520 passengers), but the proportion of passengers on flights reached 75, 2%, 49% higher than December. On these flights, the airlines have arranged empty seats to maintain the necessary distance between passengers to avoid infection.

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It is known that Korean airlines are competing fiercely to be flight permits tourism does not land. The above department had to conduct a lottery to choose Airlines provides this new flight service.

Using this service, passengers do not have to go through the immigration process, will be on the plane for a certain period of time and the aircraft will fly over the airspace of another country without landing in that country and back to Korea.

Under this service package, passengers on the plane will be eligible for tax-free purchases similar to regular tourists, meaning each person can buy duty-free goods under $ 600 (maximum 1 liter of wine, 200 cigarettes, 1 perfume). However, passengers will have to book a ticket in advance, when getting on or off the plane must go through a private path and only use the provided transport vehicle.

Passengers are required to wear a mask during the journey and do not have to quarantine themselves after returning to Korea./.

(VNA / Vietnam +)