KMPlayer - Increase or decrease video subtitle size

KMPlayer – Increase or decrease video subtitle size

Foreign movies and music videos are inserted with subtitles so that viewers can fully understand the content of the videos they want to transmit, but some videos with subtitles are often too big or too small. ElectrodealPro will guide you on how to increase or decrease the video subtitle size by KMPlayer for a clearer view.

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KMPlayer not only helps you watch Videos with many different formats, including videos with subtitles and high quality. In addition to entertainment features such as listening to music, watching movies, KMPlayer also allows you to change the subtitle size in each Video that contains subtitles to suit the user’s eyes.

In the article below, will guide you to do this. Note: KMPlayer can only change Videos with removable subtitles (that is, 1 video file and 1 subtitle file), not work with Videos with hard subtitles (ie, subtitles are available. ).

Increase or decrease subtitles size in KMPlayer

Step 1: Start the program and open the Video you want to watch.

You can download the latest version of KMPlayer here: Download KMP

Step 2: To increase or decrease the size of subtitles accompanying Videos, just right-click anywhere on the interface of KMPlayer.

A dialog box appears, select Subtitles to resize subtitles, words Subtitles Select one of the 3 positions at the bottom of the dialog box:

Font Size Increase (shortcut key Alt + F1): The mode of increasing the font size
Font Size Decrease (shortcut key Alt + F2): Font size reduction mode
Font Size Reset (shortcut key Alt + F3): Use this mode to revert to the default font size

Magical funeral with KMPlayer

Video subtitle size before and after being changed

change the style of the city of the kmplayer

New KMPlayer sub-size
Thanks to this feature, your eyes are better adjusted when you do not have to watch Videos with too big or too small font size. It’s great, isn’t it? Thanks to KMPlayer, you can easily enlarge or shrink Video subtitles to suit your needs.


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