KMPlayer - Fix "Member not found" error

KMPlayer – Fix “Member not found” error

KMPlayer is the best entertainment software on all platforms of the Windows operating system. However, for some computers, after reinstalling Win, they cannot watch Video and Audio in the normal way and often report “Member not found” error, will help you overcome this situation.

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It is no coincidence that KMPlayer is always the number one choice for those who like to listen to music and watch videos today, because this utility supports most Audio and Video formats. However, when the computer reinstalled Win, this utility always displayed a message “Member not found”, although you can still view the normal Media files, but the interface of the utility shows only each frame without displaying any features.

Other than that, gold members are not found on kmplayer
Fix “Member not found” error on KMPlayer

Nowadays, Google Chrome Web browser is chosen by many people to surf the Web. In fact, this browser always supports Flash available to view Media files without downloading plug-ins like Mozilla Firefox, so sometimes many people do not pay attention and do not care much about the need to install Flash for the computer.

Starting from version 3.0 onwards, KMPlayer always require your computer to have the utility installed Adobe Flash Player can be viewed, which means that if the computer does not have Flash installed, KMPlayer cannot run.

To overcome this situation, the easiest way is just download and install Adobe Flash Player on your computer. You can download it quickly to install it here: Download Flash Player

Note: Turn off the entire Web browser and then install this add-on. After the installation is complete, restart KMPlayer.

How to handle member not found errors on KMPlayer is simple, right? However, many people are confused in handling this error. With the above steps, you can completely fix this problem by yourself when using KMPlayer software to listen to music, play Video.


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