KMPlayer - Error handling cannot open MP4, FLV files

KMPlayer – Error handling cannot open MP4, FLV files

KMPlayer is the most famous software for listening to music and watching movies today and can watch most Video and Audio formats. However, with some computers, when installing KMPlayer, they cannot view MP4, FLV, will guide you how to overcome this situation.

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Software KMPlayer Being famous and widely used entertainment software in the world, you also want to experience the features that bring many conveniences. But once you have it installed for use, you cannot view the downloaded MP4, FLV files and stored on your computer.

Troubleshooting does not have files in the kmplayer

With other media formats, you can still use this software to view normally, but with MP4 and FLV files, you cannot watch. Here are some ways to help you quickly fix the problem of not opening MP4 and FLV files, please follow one of the ways below, will guide you in 2 ways to watch the Video. have downloaded and watched the videos directly above

Handling errors can not open MP4, FLV files with KMPlayer

Way 1:

After installing KMPlayer, if the utility still cannot open the Video files in MP4, FLV format, your computer probably lacks the Video codec to play these Videos.

– Search and download codecs for Video files
– Or install K Lite Mega Codec Pack software. This application supports most video formats in use today: Download K Lite Mega Codec Pack

Method 2:
Use KMPlayer to watch MP4, FLV files directly on the Internet, click activate Script Active X of Windows by:

– Click MenuStart (left corner of the screen) —> Type keywords Internet Options enter the item Search Programs and File to open Internet Options.

The error file cannot play mp4, flv files on kmplayer

– From the window Internet Options move to Tab Security then click Custom Level

cannot play mp4 file in kmplayer

– Go to the item Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting, click select Enable for all of the subsections in this dialog box.

After completing the setup, click OK to close this window.


Please remove the software Adobe Flash Player It is available on the computer and download and reinstall the Adobe Flash Player utility of new version to avoid errors: Download Flash Player

Above is a guide to help you overcome the problem of not being able to view MP4 and FLV files with KMPlayer software. This fix helps you to see your favorite movies that you have saved on your computer again with extremely good quality. You can do this in the same way if the computer no longer accepts other Video formats.


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