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Kleberson: ‘I came to Man Utd for Ronaldinho’

Former Brazilian midfielder Kleberson joined Man Utd in 2003, thinking that his friend Ronaldinho had made the same decision.

“In a room in France, with his brother, we talked about Man Utd’s interest in both,” Kleberson said on the page. Goal April 24. “Ronaldinho did not say for sure with United, but I believed he would, so I decided to go there.”

Kleberson is one of the “bombs” of Man Utd. Image: PA.

After Kleberson joined Man Utd, Ronaldinho was suddenly “turned over” by switching from PSG to Barca. This action disappointed the former Brazilian midfielder: “When I returned to Brazil after the Confederations Cup, I started watching English channels to learn a foreign language, but then Ronaldinho came to Barca. I always blame him: “You send me to Man Utd, then you go to Barca”.

Expected a lot, but Kleberson only lasted two years at Old Trafford. Man Utd decided to sell the midfield loss in 1979 after a mere 30 matches, to Besiktas (Turkey). “Without a doubt, joining Man Utd during that period was a big challenge for me. I don’t feel pressured to be the first Brazilian to play for Man Utd, but there is hype. from everyone because I won the World Cup a year ago, “recalls Kleberson.

Kleberson was a great addition to Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and Rivaldo at the 2002 World Cup. In addition to this tournament, he also won the Confederations Cup and the Copa America. While Kleberson only stood out at the team level, Ronaldinho won big with Barca. He won two La Liga, one Champions League, one Golden Ball and two titles FIFA Best Player in five years playing for the host team Camp Nou.

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