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Kingston unveils new generation of NVMe SSDs and launches a core converter coupled with reader

Kingston has just announced the launch of new NVMe SSDs with a Core Converter and Reader at the CES® 2021 Consumer Electronics Show held entirely on a technical platform. digital.

Kingston Reader Combined Core Converter gives users the freedom to create and customize file offload settings to suit different needs such as transferring video, image and sound from multiple sources at the same time1. Whether recording 4K / 8K multi-camera video with a mobile recorder or B-Roll video recording with a drone and GoPro, with a customizable core adapter users can simultaneously connect USB miniHub, SD readers or microSB during shooting / shooting that requires rapid transitions. The reader can also be used independently by connecting to a laptop via the included USB-C® cable, giving users flexibility to work anywhere, anytime. Whether taking pictures in the field or working in the office, Kingston is with you.

“Reader-Combined Core Converters assist content creators not only with responsiveness but also with processing speed,” says Kingston. “Core Converter products supporting incredible USB 3.2 speeds, along with high-performance memory cards and Kingston USB Flash drives will make post-production run faster than ever before.”

Kingston is poised to maintain its leadership in the SSD market with two new U.2 NVMe series of hard drives for power users and data centers this year. New products include the first PCIe NVMe Gen 4.0 SSD as well as an external USB 3.2 SSD:

  • Ghost Tree: Kingston’s upcoming high-performance Gen 4.0 drive is perfect for content creators and professional users alike. Called “Ghost Tree”, Kingston focuses on optimizing read and write speeds of 7000MB / s, expanding up to 8 PCIe Gen 4.0×4 channels with capacities from 1TB-4TB.
  • NV Series: The latest Gen 3.0 x4 SSD is the ideal hard drive for first-time NVMe users with capacities up to 2TB.
  • XS2000: Kingston’s all-new USB 3.2 Gen 2 x2 external hard drive with 500GB – 2TB capacity is perfect additional memory for storing photos, videos, and other files. The USB Type-C®1 interface allows for superfast data transfers up to 2,000MB / s.
  • DC1500M: DC1500M is an update to DC1000M, adding support for multi-namespace format. U.2 NVMe SSDs are designed to support a wide range of data-intensive workloads including cloud computing, web storage, and virtual infrastructure.


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