Kingdom Hearts – The series is approaching a PC release

Being a fan of Japanese PC games is not always easy. While a lot of fighting games inspired by anime or role-playing games a la Tales of or Final Fantasy end up hitting the medium, for the other headlines, this is far from always the case. What about Kingdom Hearts, therefore ?

If we could take the opportunity to recall that options like PlayStation Now allow you to play exclusive console games on computers and in a legal manner, many will agree that the solution is neither popular nor in agreement with those. who prefer to buy their games, even in dematerialized form… In short, you who feel left behind, today is a great day sincehe announces the arrival of the Kingdom Hearts series on PC.

Who better than Square Enix to communicate this news to us? And what a panache! It is througha video that recalls all that this series has to offer that the publisher announces the good news to us and cements its partnership with Epic Games… Yes, you will have understood it, it is now that the carrot comes… If as soon as the title appeared to you, your brain gave way to the hope of adding the titles of this series to your collection Steam, we regret to announce bad news to you.

Indeed, Epic was chosen to host and offer this saga to “Master Race” gamers, and at the same time adds a handful of illustrious titles to its list of exclusives. Of course, these are the four games / compilations already available on Sony consoles. This obviously includes Kingdom Heart HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue, and Kingdom Hearts III + Re Mind. The only surprise of this list, we will also find with this series the rhythm game more recently appeared on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4: Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. All these beautiful people are expected to make an appearance on the Epic Games Store on March 30 and each of these titles will cost € 60. (except the first: € 50).

There you are, you know everything. Quite frankly, we do not hide our surprise to see such high prices appear alongside these cakes released a while ago on consoles… It is hard to believe that this price helps to convince Fortnite players to buy them. titles in question … That said, it does not change the news, The legendary Kingdom Hearts saga will be available on PC on March 30.


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