“King of Kings 2” new battlefield Historical military site “Ishiyama Honganji” announced

Guangrong Tekumo’s new work “King of Kings 2” officially released a new information today, showing the new stage battlefield “Ishiyama Honganji Temple” in the game.

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New stage “Ishiyama Honganji Temple”:

The Shizukuyama Honganji Temple is a city surrounded by strong protective walls. It has dug through the canals that connect to the sea. It also has huge reservoirs for water conservancy and disaster prevention. In the Warring States period when the princes opposed each other, the big names who were entrenched here also had high fighting power. In this work, the famous “Ishiyama Battle” in history will be repeated.

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Ranger Network

Ranger Network

仁 “King of Kings 2” is the latest sequel to the dark-style Warring States action action game “King of Kings”. The background is based on the world based on the end of the Japanese Warring States period. The development team is currently working hard to produce “Nio 2” and it has been basically completed. This game is scheduled to be officially released on March 12, 2020, and will be available on PS4.

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