King of Glory star live picture, Zhang Hanyun girly, Yang Mi exquisite, Jia Ling is fat again?

King of Glory star live picture, Zhang Hanyun girly, Yang Mi exquisite, Jia Ling is fat again?

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Recently, the Glory of the Kings Star Exhibition has opened. Many stars have joined this exhibition. In the whole process, not only the operation of the stars is the focus of everyone’s attention, but the live pictures of the stars are also quite interesting.

Zhang Hanyun’s debut for so many years, the whole person seems to be frozen, and the appearance and temperament are as cute and cute as ever. And although her career development was not very good in the previous few years, she has shown signs of becoming popular again in the last two years. In the event of the Glory of the Kings Star Exhibition, she also participated in the appearance. I saw that she was wearing a white sweater with pink sparkling makeup. It was so girly, and her skin was so good even under the picture. envy.

Although Zhang Xiaofei is a comedian, and her popularity and popularity are not too high, but her image is actually no worse than the popular actress. Because she also has outstanding looks and tall figure, her live pictures on the scene will also make people feel very seductive. The facial features, skin and makeup are all very good.

Jin Chen’s popularity has been very high since this time, so she who is active in the audience’s sight, everyone should know her. Especially when she has to say her appearance, she can give people a feeling of heartbeat, and when she participated in the King of Glory Exhibition this time, the live pictures on the scene were also flawless, and there was no flaw in the skin and makeup of her face. .

Li Sidani is the kind of female celebrity with a more neutral style. She often looks cool and sassy with short hair, so her image and temperament have a unique beauty. In the event of the Glory of the Kings Exhibition, we saw her not only the game operation is very powerful, but the live pictures on the scene are also eye-catching. The short hair and the outstanding facial features and the shape of the headset are quite a professional e-sports player. Up.

Needless to say, Yang Mi’s face value has been very online since her debut, especially at the scene of this exhibition match, even if she is facing a face and taking a camera, her face value can still be easily held. The exquisite and three-dimensional facial features with makeup modification are really amazingly beautiful.

Jia Ling’s participation in the Glory of the Kings exhibition also brought a lot of joy to the audience, because her character was already lively and funny, and even though she was chubby, she actually felt very cute. But after seeing the live pictures at the scene, everyone couldn’t help but ask if Jia Ling was fat again? Her face seemed to be a lot rounder, and her double chin was very obvious, so it really seemed that she was getting fatter than before.


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