Kimpton Hotel Shinjuku Tokyo to stay with dogs

Kimpton Hotel Shinjuku Tokyo to stay with dogs


A pet-friendly luxury hotel from San Francisco at the end of last year, which is rare in Tokyo

Kimpton Hotel Shinjuku TokyoI stayed with my dogs Pegasus and Orion.

Are our dogs all right? .. It is a record of a thrilling staying experience.

Kimpton Hotel Shinjuku Tokyo opened in October 2020 as Kimpton’s first landing in Japan.

The Kimpton Hotel, which has more than 70 hotels around the world, has different designs for each hotel.

This time, the direction of the pet department in the roomPEGIONWas in charge.

The retail shop “Concept Store” on the 1st floor is a brand where you can feel the present of Tokyo.

Items are selected, and PEGION products mainly sell dog wear.

Check-in at 16:00 on this day.

Welcomed by the friendly staff, which is one of the attractions of Kimpton

The tension of the dog is also relaxed a little.

Since it was Christmas time, a big balloon Christmas tree was displayed on the first floor.

Nice room ^^

German pet brand in the roomCloud7Bed.

A natural organic cotton canvas bed designed with the dog’s sleeping phase in mind.

Furthermore, it seems that it is OK for dogs to ride on the bed for people!

Even though I knew it was OK, the owner was kind of thrilled, though the dogs were overjoyed.

The food bowl is also based on the image of Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo’s theme “NY Manhattan art scene”.ROKKAN DESIGNOriginally produced by PEGION in collaboration with.

Beautiful outside ^^

The fun of Kimpton is the “Evening Social Hour” where guests can participate for free.

Drink and communicate with other guests and staff for 1 hour from 17:00 every day

You can enjoy it with light meals such as pinchos.

However, Orion finds another dog and barks. ..

To all the staff when I felt a lot of awkwardness and was thinking about leaving

He kindly called out to me, and the dogs were pampered.

Orion calmed down in a homely atmosphere, and I was able to relax ^ ^

Pets are allowed in almost all areas of the hotel, except for some areas.

Up to 1 pet accompanied by 1 person, and if it is large enough to “ride the elevator”

Basically any kind of pet is OK!

The rules are also pretty ♡

I don’t usually see dogs in beautiful places again, so it’s strange from the owner’s point of view. ..

After all it happened like this.Lol

Dinner is on the 2nd floor“District Brasserie Bar Lounge”At.

Frightened by Orion’s barking panic again, on the terrace.

If you put a special mat on the chair, your pet can sit with it.

Everything was really delicious and it was a blissful time. ..

When I returned to my room, the night view was very beautiful.

The next morning, the sunlight from the big window was nice! !!

Brunch is also at the same 2nd floor “District Brasserie Bar Lounge” as last night.

The dogs were calmer than last night, so I challenged the room.

Thank you for making me a good boy! ^^

There was volume and it was very delicious …!

Alex who gave us a very friendly hospitality this time.

Even though it was one night, it was a relief when I saw my face ^ ^

Although I was nervous at first when I stayed at a hotel with dogs for the first time,

Thanks to the pet-friendly hospitality and the warm staff

I was very relaxed.

When spending a family anniversary with a pet, or when going to a veterinary clinic in Tokyo from a rural area, etc.

I thought that the way of spending time with pets, which had never been realized, would change.

Next time I would like to visit Pegasus (white one) on his birthday! ^^

See you!

Pega-chan, who is often said to resemble a moray eel ^^ ♡


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