“Kimi wa Kanata” Review

Evaluation ★ ☆☆☆☆ (12 points) 95 minutes in total

Synopsis Mio was worried about her childhood friend, Arata, but she couldn’t convey her feelings and continued to have a delicate relationship.Quote-Wikipedia


  1. A monster created by the youth anime movie boom

    1. Sense of sight
    2. Beyond the sky?
    3. quarrel
    4. Thoughts .. I can’t put it out!
    5. Repeat repeat
    6. Psychic
    7. e?
    8. You can bring it back!
  2. General comment: Frankenstein of youth science fiction anime movie

    1. Personal impression: monster

A monster created by the youth anime movie boom

This work is an original work of an anime movie.
All of the director, screenplay, original work, and production
Yoshinobu Sena is in charge.
The production company is Digital Network Animation.

Sense of sight

Image source: From the movie “Kimi wa Kanata” notice
(C) “Jun は Bifang” Production Committee

As the movie started, I was struck by a strong sense of déjà vu.
The story begins with the dream that the hero has, a memory of his childhood friend as a child,
And the memory of “fireworks” that I went to as a high school student.
Isn’t it a matter of where to look at the “launch fireworks”?
It is a depiction that makes me think.

This work, like the scene at the beginning, always has a “déjà vu”.
Do your best to depict the background, which is reminiscent of Makoto Shinkai’s movie.
Penguins fly in the sky like the penguins highway
There is a scene of a train running on the sea like Spirited Away.

There are so many scenes that I saw somewhere,
It can never be called “homage” or “respect”,
It cannot be called “plagiarism”. Although there are many scenes where you can see the original story,
All the depictions are cheap, and on the contrary, it makes me laugh.

If anything, the expression “quoting” is better
I have no choice but to laugh at the scenes full of déjà vu that make me feel right.
Of course, there is no individuality in character design.
The main character and other character designs like a mass of non-individuality
It’s a design that I’ve seen somewhere.

Although the background is enthusiastic, the level of character drawing is
Low, maybe in the early 2010s?To make you think
It is a mismatch with the character drawing that makes you feel a little nostalgic,
It’s clearly floating.

If this is the case, I think the background drawing may be a little cheaper.
The background and the character are different when I look at it.

Beyond the sky?

Image source: From the movie “Kimi wa Kanata” notice
(C) “Jun は Bifang” Production Committee

At the beginning, the relationship between the main character and his childhood friend “new” is depicted.
The two are childhood friends, and the protagonist has a new favor,
Shin also liked her and confessed at the fireworks display last year
The protagonist pretended to be inaudible due to lack of self-confidence.
He didn’t reply, and the relationship is ambiguous.

Although it is such an ambiguous relationship, although I have a date at the aquarium,
The hero’s friend is also new to her, and the hero is her
He says he supports love.
This is another love affair that I’ve seen somewhere,
It depicts an insignificant relationship that is neither poisonous nor medicinal.

The voice actor who plays the new is quite lacking in acting ability,
All of his lines sounded like “floating teeth”
Every time he talks, he makes me laugh strangely.

Meanwhile, the hero suddenly says such a poemy thing.

“When you say between the sea and the sky, it’s called the horizon.
When you say between the ground and the sky, it’s called the horizon.
What is the space between the sky and the universe, the sky horizon? “

Then Shin laughs at the hero’s “Sky Hira Line” and
Name him in his own way

“That’s right, maybe beyond the sky.”

They are similar people. I can only laugh at low IQ conversations,
Words such as the atmosphere do not appear.
By the way, to be exact, it is “Karman line or Kalman line”.

In the first place, the main character is at the level of getting a red point in the test
It can be said that the conversation is suitable for the character setting,
A particularly uninteresting conversation is heard with a dollar.


Image source: From the movie “Kimi wa Kanata” notice
(C) “Jun は Bifang” Production Committee

The protagonist and Shin of such similar people will fortune tell during the date.
The result of the hero’s fortune-telling is the worst, while the new is new and invisible
I suddenly shout when I think I’ve chased it with my eyes.
By the way, there are several scenes where Shin suddenly shouts, and his acting ability stands out.
Every time he suddenly shouted, “Wow, oh!”, He burst into laughter.

Such two people have a quarrel,
The protagonist just says, “Let’s end this relationship.”
Basically, things happen “abruptly” in this work. It doesn’t matter what the connection is.

If you think that fortune-telling has suddenly entered, you start fighting,
When I think I’m home, I start crying with regret and have to apologize directly!When
Jump out of the house and explode the bicycle in heavy rain.
And an accident (laughs)

Unlike the sloppy development until then,
The hero is confused while various things happen suddenly
Due to an accident, he leaves his body and gets lost in the boundary between this world and this world.
For those who are looking at this review without looking at the main story
It may seem like a strange development, but it doesn’t make sense to look at it.

However, I can’t see the direction of the story at all, and I can’t see the future.
I wonder where this story is going.

Thoughts .. I can’t put it out!

Image source: From the movie “Kimi wa Kanata” notice
(C) “Jun は Bifang” Production Committee

After the beginning, the direction of the story finally becomes apparent.
The hero who has left the ghost and has fallen into the boundary between the world and this world
We must remember that we are there to return to the original world.
At the boundary between that world and this world, the memories of this world are fading away.
It is a mechanism that the regrets of this world have passed away and they set out for that world.

The protagonist just got out of the body and got mixed in.
By remembering the strong feelings for this world and the important feelings that I forgot
You can go back to this world. The story itself is very easy to understand
She didn’t make an effort, gave up, and ran away
It is a development to face and remember the regret that escaped from the new confession.

However, the way it looks is too bad.
If you think you were facing yourself in the past, you suddenly start singing.
“I’ll sing to you” has an anime,
This method is often used in musical movies.
By the way, “Whether to see from under the fireworks or from the side” is also suddenly sung.

I’m surprised because it really starts singing suddenly.
I was told that I didn’t care about the heroine’s song for 3 minutes.
She faces herself. The flow itself is not bad,
You will hear plenty of songs that really don’t matter for 3 minutes.

By facing this song and myself in the past
If you think you remembered what you forgot, you don’t.
As for the viewer, “Oh, this reminds me of my feelings for new things.”
There are scenes that I think many times, but such a decisive scene
The hero doesn’t remember anything because he shows a lot (laughs)

The hero who has given up various things that he has not made efforts until now
The self-questioning itself that makes you want to make an effort and not want to give up
Not so bad, but did you remember or not?
Because of the unclear developments and the songs that don’t matter
I don’t even understand the part that seems not to be bad.

Repeat repeat

Image source: From the movie “Kimi wa Kanata” notice
(C) “Jun は Bifang” Production Committee

After all, as a development
Repeatedly repeating the development of “I can remember but I can’t remember”
Make a depiction as if you finally remembered it
In the end, it was just a development that I couldn’t really remember.

A story that the hero is trying to remember for a long time
I can show it earnestly.As a viewer, remember it loosely
Repeated developments that make me think many times are ugly.

Unfortunately I couldn’t go home because I had an atmosphere that made me feel like I could go back to this world!
When I thought that something like that had happened, a spider monster suddenly attacked me.
It becomes like a B-class horror action movie.
Do you want to have your name or a fireworks display?
Perhaps I want to do B-class horror, the atmosphere of the work is blurry.

Repeating the development of “I can remember but I can’t remember”
Although it contains useless actions and B-class horror elements to hide it,
It’s not particularly interesting either.
To be clear, the story is annoying.

After investigating, it seems that the short script was originally rewritten as a long story or basically.
The repeated development of the same thing that makes it painfully understandable
I think it’s stupid.
The most protagonist is the protagonist who gets a red dot as mentioned above.
It may be unavoidable that I can’t remember.


Image source: From the movie “Kimi wa Kanata” notice
(C) “Jun は Bifang” Production Committee

At the end of the story, it is discovered that Shin, a childhood friend of the main character, is a “psychic.”
It’s a setting that makes you want to laugh out loud, but he suddenly yells out
If you think you screamed, you’re out of body, and if you think you’ve come to pick up the hero
Revived in this world and coming back (laughs)

What on earth did you come to do?New actions and lines that I think
Suddenly and interesting, combined with the acting of the acting voice actor
The more emotionally he gets used to it, the more he laughs.

In fact, he was a psychic, and when he woke up to power in the past, he was out of body.
The father was sacrificed to pull him back, and his mother
It ’s like I dared to make him lonely so I would n’t force him.
Although the story is drawn, it doesn’t matter.
To be honest, it’s a story that I’ve attached so much that I don’t have to describe it.

After all, it has little to do with the main story.


Image source: From the movie “Kimi wa Kanata” notice
(C) “Jun は Bifang” Production Committee

The hero finally returns to this world at the end of the game,
Actually, “I can’t return to my body if I’ve been out of body for a long time.”
The setting is discovered (laughs)
If you know that there is a time limit by clearly stating the setting from the beginning
The viewer’s feelings were different, but such a setting came out really suddenly.

The hero who knew such a fact cried,
This crying performance is excessive.
“Nohhhhhh !!!” It’s like a horror movie
Was an important person murdered in front of me?It was so sad that I thought
The acting is amazing in a sense, but it’s too much to pull.

I feel that my voice is a little withered in the lines after that.
I don’t like acting too much.

You can bring it back!

Image source: From the movie “Kimi wa Kanata” notice
(C) “Jun は Bifang” Production Committee

If you leave your body for a long time, you shouldn’t be able to return
It seems that if you take it to a place with deep memory, you can return it.
Shin takes out the unconscious hero’s body and in a place with deep memory
Reproduce the memories with her.

It’s crazy.
Shin reads out the main character’s lines by himself,
Of course, he reads his lines aloud.
Embracing the unconscious hero’s body and shedding tears
Reproduce all the conversations that the main character and Shin had in the early stages by themselves (laughs)

Although it emotionally reproduces the conversation with the hero of the past,
There is no need to reproduce it separately, and there is no acting ability, so
It’s a scene that even feels crazy.

After all, the hero finally remembers and comes back to life,
Thanks to the repeated developments and the hero and new acting
Even if it ends in a happy ending, it doesn’t matter in various ways
It was a work.


General comment: Frankenstein of youth science fiction anime movie

Image source: From the movie “Kimi wa Kanata” notice
(C) “Jun は Bifang” Production Committee

Overall, it’s a work that has been blown away in various ways.
A scene with a strong sense of déjà vu that is reminiscent of various works
It is quoted all the time, but there is no point in quoting it.

Easy scene quotes are neither pakuri nor parody
It’s just a meaningless quote, and there’s almost no visual fun.
Although I am doing my best to draw the background, the character design is old,
It’s just a design I’ve seen somewhere.

The story is what you want to draw in the fundamental part,
I know what I want to show, but in the process of getting there
Because I repeat the same thing over and over again
As a viewer, I often thought in my heart, “Remember me loosely.”
It doesn’t matter at the end.

Acting that can be said to be an excess of childhood friends with the hero, especially childhood friends
The sudden acting of screaming several times made me laugh every time I screamed.
His abrupt out-of-body experience and dual-role play can only make you laugh.
It has become a scene that is too excellent as a gag.

It was painfully found that it was originally a short film script,
If this is completed in about 30 minutes, there will be so much to do
It may not have been born, but as a result of stretching it to 90 minutes,
It is a work that has been transformed into a ridiculous work.

Personal impression: monster

Image source: From the movie “Kimi wa Kanata” notice
(C) “Jun は Bifang” Production Committee

From the blockbuster “Your Name” to the youth fantasy anime movie boom
It was a work that saw the end.
Background depictions and scenes reminiscent of Makoto Shinkai’s work
Many scenes quoting many anime movies that were born,
It’s like the Frankenstein youth anime movie.

The director seems to have borrowed about 200 million to make this work,
There was only one other than me when I went.
Is the director all right? (Bitter smile)

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