Kimberly Ells: Beware of global socialized education

Kimberly Ells: Beware of global socialized education

The United Nations (UN) agencies and partner organizations are trying to dominate the global education system by redefining education standards to promote children’s sexual freedom in parallel. with socialist philosophies and anti-family (against family) ideas for young people worldwide.

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This is a real concern for those who value fidelity to sexuality, economic freedom, and family.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is a key organization in facilitating the global educational movement to replace parents to become Main role affect their children.

The OECD was originally created to help countries recover from World War II, but today the organization is aiming for other goals.

The OECD is a member of the United Nations Global Compact) UN organizations and partnerships with other UN organizations, including UNESCO (The Organization for Education, Science and Culture), which protects the sexual rights of children worldwide.

The OECD also partners with the world’s largest child sexual rights promoter IPPF and the OSF Open Society Foundation, led by billionaire and political activist George Soros. The OECD also receives funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The OECD has so far declared itself in favor of democracy and free markets. However, as relations with the UN and other organizations deepen, its goals seem to be being diverted.

The OECD advocates for radical environmentalism, socialism, and marginalization of the family.

So what is the stance that the OECD supports?

Document “The Future of Education and Skills, Education 2030” (The Future of Education and Skills, Education 2030OECD, published in 2018, writes: “Children going to school in 2018 … will need to value shared prosperity, sustainability and well-being” place above other concerns, and emphasize that “The curriculum should continue to evolve, maybe in radical ways” to “Reflect social requirements constantly evolving. “

According to the OECD, the focus of global education efforts is:

  • Environmentalism is focused on “Climate change and depletion of natural resources [vốn] requires urgent action and [khả năng] Adaptation.”
  • Economic change requires “New economic, social and institutional models.”
  • Social evolution stems from “cultural diversity”.

The three points encapsulated above are “seeds” for the need for global control of energy sources; promoting the transition of a capitalist economy to a more “just” economic model (ie, socialism), and the promotion of cultural diversity whose purpose is to diversify family structures and gender diversity.

In the document “Global capacity for an integrated world” (Global Competency for an Inclusive World) The OECD also clearly demonstrates its support for “against anti-family ” (aism that minimizes the influence of families and parents on their children’s education.)

Written documents, “The skills, attitudes and values ​​(ethics) that regulate human behavior need to be reconsidered to combat the growing discriminatory behaviors in schools and in the home.” and teach young people “Challenge cultural and gender stereotypes” and to “Helps build tolerance and an inclusive society.”

The OECD itself acknowledges that its aim is to promote children’s thinking beyond the values ​​learned from their families.

The OECD uses testing tools such as the International Student Assessment Program (PISA) and Research in Social & Emotional Skills (SSES) to advance this agenda.

When it comes to the Social and Emotional Skills (SSES) education program, the OECD says: “In addition to examining the level of children’s social emotional skills, the study will gather information about the learning background of the family, school and community, to provide information on conditions and practices that motivate or hinder the development of these key skills. ”

OECD intends Ask children directly for information about private family life. This data can then be used to help global education supervisors analyze how factors in a child’s home life may promote or hinder a child’s development. “Global skills and attitudes” socialist that the United Nations and OECD want to nurture in children.

Ask students questions that require assessing their home life as a typical socialist-communist technique often used to foster conflict between children and families, dividing bonds. cultural – spiritual and religious loyalty.

Attitude measurement or to change attitudes?

In 2012, the OECD’s Director of Education and Skills, Andreas Schleicher, gave an illustrative example that the OECD not only measures attitudes, but also changes attitudes through data collection:

“The data changed some of the beliefs and underlying patterns of the German education system. For example, traditionally, preschool education is considered the responsibility of the family. If women send their children to preschool, in some cases they are considered irresponsible to the family. The PISA student assessment tool changed that debate and pushed preschool to be at the heart of public policy in Germany. ” UMBRELLAMr. Schleicher said during a TED Talk talk in 2012.

Consider this matter carefully. Mr. Schleicher said that the change in German attitudes and policies toward early childhood education was caused by the PISA and OECD International Student Assessment Program. In the past, preschool education was considered the responsibility of the family, especially the mother. Now, thanks to the International Student Assessment Project, preschool in Germany has become a national responsibility. The OECD uses this as a prime example of the effectiveness their assessments have. And they really take advantage of that.

However, this is a dangerous course. If we want to protect our country, our children and our family connections from a global ideology, we need to quickly adjust our course:

  • Separate from federal and global educational funding.
  • Re-localize control of school curricula.
  • Exposing the dire and deadly legacy of socialist principles.
  • Reasserting states’ right to advance their economic and environmental policies.
  • Communicate values ​​of loyalty and sexual responsibility under the premise of forming a family.
  • Promote family-oriented solutions that underlie world problems.

If we don’t take these actions – the U.S. government doesn’t seem sure to do them right now – we will see the world’s social, emotional, moral, and economic vitality more and more. rubble.

Therefore, we cannot fulfill the mission by depending on public policy, which should be through family and community. By doing so, over time, we will nurture a generation of patriotic, knowledgeable people who value individual rights, address economic autonomy, and see the family as the core of culture. intelligence. This generation of patriots will be ready to defend the pillars of prosperity and rebuild our society on the basis of truly sustainable principles.

Kimberly Ells, an article published on Epoch Times, expresses the author’s personal opinion.

Author Kimberly Ells (Image: Kimberly Ells)

About the author:

Ms. Kimberly Ells is a policy advisor to Family Watch International, a non-profit organization that protects children from premature sexual behavior, protects parental rights and values ​​family as the basic unit of the commune. festival. She is also the author of the book “The Invincible Family: Why the Global Campaign to Crush Maternal and Paternal Love cannot be won”, which shows the UN agencies’ broad promotion spread the freedom of sexuality to children and shape the family as the most powerful organization in the world.

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