"KIM SEOKJIN=perfection, Visual King" BTS Jin,'World Wide Handsome' recognized by Urban Dictionary

“KIM SEOKJIN=perfection, Visual King” BTS Jin,’World Wide Handsome’ recognized by Urban Dictionary

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BTS Jin is defined as’Grammy Silver Voice’ and’Visual King’, which is both beautiful inside and outside, on the’Urban Dictionary’, an English-American dictionary site, attracting attention.

‘Urban Dictionary’, a’dictionary that realistically expresses the language of native speakers who directly use the local language’, contains standard words and sweet words that cannot be found in the dictionary, and is an English-American dictionary site with many users that is linked to the Naver English dictionary.

On the 14th of last month, when a netizen asked who the’Gramy Silver Voice’ is, the official account of Urban Dictionary said, “‘Gramy Silver Voice is Jin. The breathing is really stable, so you can easily change from head to head, but it is a natural vibration that is a very strong advantage. And maintains a pleasant palceto,” said Jin proved to be a great vocalist with an impeccably beautiful tone.


Previously, when asked who’JIN’ is,’a famous Korean vocalist, humanitarian, and member of BTS. Famous for his’Silver Voice’ in intense performances that captivate the audience. He is a man who is beautiful both inside and outside, including compassionate, kind, polite attitude and consideration, and his face has a golden ratio that is universally recognized as the highest standard of beauty.’ He also added that’this led to Jin gained the title of’World Wide Handsome’.

In January, when asked who’Mas Ganteng’ was, the Urban Dictionary replied that he was Jin. Subsequently,”Mas Ganteng” is an Indonesian word for Mr. Means Handsome. It is a nickname given by Jang Han-sol, the host of the Tocopedia event, the largest e-commerce company in Indonesia, and has been trending in Indonesia for several hours since the day. Even after that, whenever Jin takes a selfie or comes out with a very handsome look, it’s still always trending.’

Urban Dictionary explained the item’Visual King’ and replied, “‘Visual King’ is a term referring to Kim Seok-jin (Jin’s real name) of BTS.” The reason is that he shook Korea with the beauty and elegance of getting out of the car, he explained.

“KIM SEOKJIN=perfection, Visual King” BTS Jin,’World Wide Handsome’ recognized by Urban Dictionary

When asked what the’car door guy’ (the man getting out of the car, the man who got off the car), he answered Kim Seok-jin (Jin’s real name), who is like a wonderful prince getting out of the car, and realized the surprising popularity of Jin even in the British and American regions. To the question of who Kim Seokjin (Kim Seokjin, Jin’s real name) is, the answer was’Perfection’.

Through the official account of Urban Dictionary, Jin is defined as’Visual King’,’Silver Voice’, and Mas Ganteng. Once again proved that there is.


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