Another failure for Kim Kardashian ... Source: E!


Another failure for Kim Kardashian … Source: E!

Kim kardashian has just failed the exam at the end of the first year of law, for the second time.

This is what she revealed while checking the website of the State Bar of California live on her reality show. Keeping up with the Kardashians.

The one who dreams of becoming a lawyer obtained 463 points, a score lower than her first attempt where she reached 474 points. This is still far from the score needed to pass the exam, namely 560 points.

The star’s reaction betrayed his disappointment, recounts Legal Cheek, who quotes Ms. Kardashian’s language. ” I failed! She exclaimed, before expressing her frustration by saying a word starting with the letter F – but that word is not the word frustration, and this word would hardly have its place in court.

The law student then shared her disappointment with her sister Khloe, who was wearing a tank top that was already printed on Kim is my lawyer … which should not however trigger a prosecution for illegal exercise of the profession.

Khloe kardashian then found the ideal culprit to explain this failure: the Covid, which struck the law student shortly before the exam, and which would have prevented her from achieving her goal.

Reinvigorated by the support of her sister, Kim Kardashian has expressed her desire to attempt a third time to pass the first-year law school exam later this year.

It is not known if the exam will be posted online in Keeping up with the Kardashians. But a future episode will probably be devoted to the third episode of this breathtaking suspenseful saga.