Kim Hyun-ah and Lim Young-woong's new song, "It's a national singer, there's already a big sign"

Kim Hyun-ah and Lim Young-woong’s new song, “It’s a national singer, there’s already a big sign”

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Kim Hyuna Instagram

Kim Hyun-ah gave a tip about Lim Young-woong’s new song.

On the 6th, chorus singer Kim Hyun-ah posted a number of photos on his Instagram along with a post saying, “On March 9th, the single song’My Love Like a Star’ is being released~ Recorded by Lim Young-woong, the hero of this era.”

In the released photos, Lim Young-woong left a commemorative photo with Seol Undo in the recording studio. This time, Lim’s new song’My Love Like a Starlight’ was introduced as a self-composed song specially presented by Seol Undo for Lim.

Kim Hyun-ah continued, “It was slightly revealed on the mother broadcast yesterday, but I already see signs of a big hit ^ ^ Personality song appearance and starness! That is a national singer!” All of the engineers raised their expectations by complimenting them, saying, “Please work hard and hit the jackpot♡♡♡”.

Meanwhile, Hyuna Kim is active as a chorus singer. Lim Young-woong’s new single’My Love Like a Starlight’ will be released on the online music site before 6 pm on the 9th.

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