Kim Ho-jung's sketchbook “I miss you ~”
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Kim Ho-jung’s sketchbook “I miss you ~”

Broadcast on Friday 22nd <유희열의 스케치북>Ho-joong Kim will appear.

Trotter’s Pavarotti and Trotter Kim Ho-joong, who are loved by Mr. Trot as the top 4 <유희열의 스케치북>Starring, Ho-joong Kim opened the first stage with Choi Baek-ho’s “I Want to See”, which is his role model. Kim Ho-jung’s voice with deep sound and lyrical lyrics are combined to present a stage that gives a deep impression.

Kim Ho-jung met Pavarotti’s music at a record store where he went to buy Kim’s ‘I Want to See’ CD during his school days and shared the story of walking through the road to vocal music. Kim Ho-jung’s life was completely reinterpreted and conveyed a different sensibility. In response to this, Yoo Hee-yeol actually met with Beom-soo Kim, and asked, “Kim Ho-jung has met in Sauna. It was very embarrassing. ”

Meanwhile, Kim Ho-jung, who lived a movie-like life, said that he would also release a movie about his life that appeared in Mr. Trot after studying in Germany. At the same time, he expressed his desire for acting by saying, “I want to appear in this movie myself.” Next, Kim Ho-jung said, “I would like Yoo Hee-yeol to play the role of Seo Su-yong,” hoping for the debut of the two movie screens.

The live stage of “The Face You Want to See” and “I Love You More Than Me”, where you can feel the deep resonance of Kim Ho-joong, this Friday, 11:30 pm, KBS2TV <유희열의 스케치북>You can meet at (Jaehwan Park, KBS Media).

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