Kim Ho-joong, the'Undying Masterpiece', won the first appearance… "Dream of the Dream" [전일야화]
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Kim Ho-joong, the’Undying Masterpiece’, won the first appearance… “Dream of the Dream” [전일야화]

[엑스포츠뉴스 나금주 기자] Kim Ho-joong, the’immortal masterpiece’, won the thrill.

On the KBS 2TV broadcast on the 20th,’The Immortal Masterpiece-Sing Legend’ was featured in the first half of 2020.

On this day, Ho-joong Kim, who first appeared in’Immortal Song’, expressed his impression by saying, “If a singer is a dream coming out in’Immortal Song’,” he said. Regarding the reason for being called’Tvarotti,’ Kim Ho-jung said, “I was an original vocalist, and this time I challenged Trot and named him Trotova. It was called’Tvarotti’ in high school. .

Ho-jung Kim said, “Mr. Trot,” asked the question, “Do you have a lot of mothers in front of the plantation?” The nationwide arms sent by fans also bought a commercial refrigerator for kimchi. In addition, the goods containing the gesture of Kim Ho-jung surprised everyone by saying that 12,000 copies were sold in two days.

“It was a time I had dreamed and endured for a long time. I like that part a lot, and it seems like you know it, so I feel rewarded and it’s like a dream,” he said.

Kim Ho-jung said about the change in life, “I’ve been ranked 4th in the contest, but many mothers say ‘4th place’ is’the son-in-law’. I’m having a great time. “I said.

In the’Mr. Trot’, Kim Ho-jung selected’A story of an old couple in their 60s,’ which Young-woong Lim called and became a hot topic. Ho-jung Kim, who came to the stage of the dream, was impressed with his own emotions. Special judges and casts who watched Kim Ho-jung’s stage burst into tears. Kim Ho-jung, who came down from the stage, showed tears, and cheered, saying, “I felt a lot of courage while watching these music programs even during difficult times.

“I watched Ho-joong’s struggles in the middle of vocal music and trot, and he knows the love of songs so much. Ho-jung does not sing every single song,” he praised.

The final result, Kim Ho-jung won the championship. Kim Ho-jung, holding the winning trophy, said, “I thought a lot about’Is this day coming,’ I came. I think it will be a precious memory for me.” / photo = KBS2 broadcast screen

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